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How to produce high-quality sand and gravel aggregate? The stone production line equipment is well selected, and the customer is relieved.

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With the continuous development of the economy, the amount of sand and gravel aggregates used in roads, railways and buildings has also increased greatly, and the quality requirements for aggregates of sand and gravel have become higher and higher. How to produce high quality aggregates of sand and gravel? First You have to choose a reliable manufacturer, and then choose the right equipment according to your needs to form a stone production line, choose the right manufacturers and equipment, let you use it with peace of mind, here is a manufacturer of crushing equipment - Cangzhou Zhongyi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has been producing crushing equipment for many years and has been well received by many customers. There are many cases at home and abroad, and there are a group of excellent technicians and perfect after-sales personnel, so that you have no worries about equipment.
How to produce high-quality sand and gravel aggregate? The stone production line equipment is well selected, and the customer is relieved.

The jiangsu lvssn stone production line can crush a variety of stone raw materials into stones that meet the needs of construction and production. It is now more practical in many gravel fields, mainly used for crushing and sieving stones. Sand and gravel aggregates meet the operational needs of different enterprises. It is necessary to produce higher quality and high efficiency of sand and gravel aggregates. The quality of equipment and qualified configuration are the key. Next, follow the Xiaobian to visit the site of a customer in Jiangsu LVSSN.

Jiangsu customers have a batch of cobblestone raw materials. They must be equipped with a cobblestone production line with a capacity of 80-200 tons. Our engineers have configured jaw crushers, cone crushers, sand making machines, vibrating feeders according to the needs of the customers. A stone production line consisting of a vibrating screen. First of all, we see that the material is evenly sent to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing under the action of the vibrating feeder, and then enters the cone crusher for medium and fine crushing, and then is sent under the action of the conveyor. The sand making machine performs sand making, and the sanded material is sieved through a three-layer vibrating screen. The qualified materials are divided into three different particle sizes under the action of the vibrating screen, and are output under the action of the conveyor. Qualified materials are returned to the superior to continue the crushing process.


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