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How can cement factory preheater go quickly skin

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It is a common problem in the production of new-style dry cement kiln to skin and block the rising flue of rotary kiln tail.

Use a high pressure water gun to remove the crust without affecting the temperature of the kiln.Can be in the case of non - stop kiln blocking work, to ensure the normal operation of the kiln, energy saving and consumption.It solves the insecurity, low efficiency and labor intensity caused by manual blasting and dynamite blasting in cement industry, and the negative influence caused by dynamite blasting on flue, kiln and refrigerator itself.With the high pressure water gun complete set, easy to operate, safe, high efficiency, does not affect the production.


1. Skinning site and formation

The main parts of fls-slc 2000t /d clinker production line of a certain factory that are often crust-blocked are concentrated in the lower part of the rising flue of the kiln end, about 1m away from the slope of the kiln end and on the vertical walls around the air distribution valve of the rising flue. The less frequently operated side can be up to 500mm when the air distribution valve is slightly thick, and the thin side under electric control of the air distribution valve is about 300mm thick.

2. Condition of skinning materials

The gas temperature in the upper and or flue of the rotary kiln at the end of the kiln is about 1050 ℃. At this temperature, the thermal strength of the skilling material itself is not high, but increases rapidly after cooling.The skin material on site can be seen from a small amount of liquid stratification after the knot block, hand can not move, force can break.During manual cleaning in the hot state of kiln, the steel drill bit insert felt very soft, but the steel drill bit did not work.Want to insert a certain depth is not easy, the steel will soon burn red, soft, therefore, the hot state cleaning is not easy, meet with the skin rate is fast, cleaning speed can not catch up with the speed of skin.


3. Use high pressure water gun to clean up the crust in the ascending flue

The high-pressure water column shoots into the skin material with a temperature of about 850-1050 degrees. In the high-temperature material, the water suddenly vaporizes and produces a strong explosion. Part of the objects hit are all shaken and collapse.The penetration depth of the water column is matched with the thickness of the crust, and the result is that the crust material collapses, while the lining material of the rising flue is protected, and the spray Angle of the explosion makes the material loose and will not be washed down by large area and cause the injury accident of equipment and personnel.

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