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History of rod mill steel rods

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In China, a very simple special tool for crushing has appeared in the thousands of years before the park.

Deepening and evolving into the footsteps of 150 to 150 years before the park.

This special tool uses levers and has a history of mechanical equipment. Only their crushing posture is intermittent.

The smashing equipment that used the continuous crushing posture was the animal power mill that was invented by the public transport class in the first four centuries of the park.

Another pulverizing device that uses a continuous crushing posture is a roller mill.

It appeared later than grinding. Two hundred years after the public year, China’s Du pre-equipment has basically developed a joint water raft, a two-water mill, a water-passing mill, etc., which are powered by hydropower.

Increase productivity to a new level. In addition to the production and processing of cereals, this kind of mechanical equipment is also extended to the crushing and safe operation of other raw materials.

The modern pulverizing equipment was built after the slow development and marketing of steam machines and motors. In 1806, a double-toothed roller crusher with a steam engine drive appeared;

In 1858, the British Black created a jaw crusher that invented the rock formation;

In 1878, the UK developed a gyratory crusher with a continuous crushing posture.

Its productivity is higher than that of the jaw crusher in an intermittent crushing position; in 1895, William of the United Kingdom created an impact crusher with a lower energy consumption.

Not only the grinding machinery, but also the relative development trend. In the early 21st century, there were ball mills with common uses;

In 1870, in the basics of the ball mill, the trend was to develop a rod mill with a uniform distribution of the size of the blank;

In 1908, a self-ball mill was developed without grinding media.

In the 40s and 60s of the 20th century, the UK and France successively developed vertical shaft type medium speed coal mills such as roller bowl coal mills and roller coal mills.

The emergence of such comminution equipment has greatly improved the role of crushing and safe operation. However, because the crushing characteristics of various raw materials are different from each other, different manufacturing industries have different specifications for the size distribution of commodities. Therefore, various crushing equipments for crushing and safe operations according to different principles have been developed in turn. Such as wheel mill, vibration mill, pressure relief valve crusher, jet mill, electric fan coal mill, sand mill, colloid mill and so on.

The rod mill steel bar was just started with the steel mill hot-rolled round steel. Later, due to the failure problems such as broken rods, bent rods and non-abrasion, the rod mill steel rods of China Resistant Grinding Technology Co., Ltd. were used. The following features:


Product model: diameter 40-150mm, length fixed length

Scope of application: coal slurry gasification, sand making, bauxite, tungsten tin ore, steel slag, etc.


Product Process:

Raw materials: high quality round steel

Molding: cutting

Quenching: quenching liquid

Tempering: continuous tempering furnace

Quenching and heat treatment wear-resistant steel rods are produced by automated production methods, first cutting, then heating, then quenching and tempering, suitable for use in rod mills. Depending on the material and hardness, the performance is different. The key is the combination of hardness and toughness to ensure energy saving. The biggest difference lies in the stability of quality control.


Technical Parameters:

Hardness: HRC45-55

Impact toughness: ≥12 joules

Number of falls: ≥20,000 times

Density: 7.9g/cm3

Working temperature: within 80 °C


Product characteristics and compliance with certification:

1, good mechanical performance, impact resistance, continuous stick

2, high hardness, good wear resistance

3. Production according to ISO9001 quality system


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