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Guide you to the installation steps of jaw crusher

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Jaw crusher is one of the commonly used crushing equipment in mine production, which is mainly used for coarse and medium crushing of various materials.In order to make the jaw crusher work well, proper installation is very important.Guide you to the installation steps of jaw crusher.

1. Selection of installation foundation

The jaw crusher must be mounted on a concrete foundation and the positioning plate must be welded under the crusher to prevent the machine from moving.The steel beam for the installation of jaw crusher must be buried in the concrete, the positioning block is welded on the steel frame, the height, depth and area of the foundation should be calculated separately according to the soil conditions.The foundation shall set aside a discharge channel with an inclination greater than 40°. The basic situation can be determined by the user according to the materials and transportation equipment.

jaw crusher

2. Layout area design

The discharge of materials after crushing should not be hindered, and the discharge area should be designed to prevent the accumulation of materials under the crusher.If the material is blocked and reaches the bottom of the crusher, it will soon cause wear on the jaw head and affect the service life of the jaw crusher.

3. Adjust the discharge port

When adjusting the discharge port, loosen the t-bolt first, then open the adjustment seat with the hydraulic jack or jack bolt, change into the gasket of the required thickness, and then exit the hydraulic jack or jack bolt.By the force of self-weight and spring, the movable jaw automatically compacts the gasket group, and makes the adjusting seat close to the ear seat, and finally locks the adjusting seat and the gasket group.

jaw crusher

4. Spring adjustment

After adjusting the discharge mouth of jaw crusher, the tension degree of spring should be adjusted appropriately. The tension degree of spring should be able to eliminate the noise between the bracket and the bracket pad and the bracket is not easy to fall off when working.

5. Selection and installation of jaw plate

The jaw must be of good quality and wear resistant material.In the process of use, if the jaw board is found to be cracked or broken, the machine should stop immediately to prevent the pieces of wear-resistant materials from entering the crushing chamber and damaging the jaw crusher.During installation, the clearance between the movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate should meet the requirements, and tighten the bolts and nuts to prevent the jaw plate from jumping due to slack fasteners.

Jaw crusher jaw plate

6. Treatment of eccentric shaft

The eccentric shaft is made of 45# steel and has been tempered and tempered. The deviation of the center elevation should not be more than 5mm, and the eccentric bearing should be on the same center line, the deviation should not be more than 0.5mm.

The installation of jaw crusher is related to the operation effect and service life, so it must be scientifically and reasonably installed to achieve twice the result with half the effort.


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