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Factors affecting grinding efficiency of ball mill

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Ball mill is a kind of crushing equipment which is widely used in the field of industrial production.The upsizing of ball mills is one of the research focuses at home and abroad.This paper shares the factors that affect the grinding efficiency of ball mill.

1.Grinding feeding properties

Grinding feed is mainly refers to the nature of run of mine ore in grinding operation, some characteristics of the ore determine the ore can grind degrees, ore can grind degree determines the ease of grinding, grinding degree high grinding of difficulty is relatively large, ore for mill lining and steel ball wear will be very big, the consumption of energy is more natural, especially improve the fineness of the cases, the energy they consume more, on the contrary, small can grind degrees, in the actual consumption during the production of all kinds of energy is smaller, so run of mine ore properties directly affect the productivity of the mill.

ball mill

2.Grinding feed size

Mill feed particle size of the grinding machine for grinding efficiency influence is mainly manifested in size will affect the mill work of ore, steel ball for ore crushing in the ball mill is a kind of random work, crushing efficiency is very low, so once into the grinding particle size is too big, ball mill energy will have to do more work to ensure that ultimately meet the requirements of grinding fineness, in the process of ball mill energy consumption and power consumption will also increase.

ball mill

3 .mill parameters

(1) under the condition of a certain rotation speed, a large filling rate will increase the number of times the steel ball hits the material, increase the grinding area and increase the power consumption;At the same time, the number of inner steel balls increases. However, the grinding effect of inner steel balls is small. If the grinding body with a high filling rate is too high, the steel ball accumulation at the drop point of the dropped steel ball is too high, which slows down the impact of the steel ball and reduces the output and crushing rate.Therefore, whether the filling rate is appropriate or not has a great impact on the grinding efficiency in the process of pulp preparation.

(2) the influence of the size of steel ball and the proportion of ball grade on the grinding process. For example, large feeding materials need to be loaded with more steel balls with large diameter, strong impact and grinding effect. However, the grinding effect of large steel balls on materials is less than that of small steel balls, and the specific surface area is also smaller than that of small steel balls.In the production process, due to the large variation of the grain-size and grindability of the grinding materials, the average ball diameter of the steel ball grading should also have a corresponding variation range.In this range, the optimum pellet allocation scheme can be determined by the optimum selection method, and some necessary technical measurements can be made at the same time.

(3) whether the loading capacity and gradation of grinding body are reasonable must be tested in the production process. If the designed pelleting scheme can achieve the effects of high quality, high yield, low consumption and safe operation, then the pelleting scheme is correct; otherwise, specific reasons should be analyzed and the pelleting scheme should be revised.Strictly control the size and proportion of steel ball according to the nature of feeding, grasp the probability of crushing, reduce excessive crushing or insufficient crushing, ensure the size of steel ball and improve grinding efficiency.

ball mill

4.Influence of grinding concentration

In the actual production process, the main proportion of ore of pulp grinding concentration around the ball of the adhesive degree and the effect on liquidity of pulp, under the condition of low grinding concentration, pulp is too thin, too much liquidity, lack of adhesion, will make the impact of the steel ball for material and grinding effect is abate, ultimately lead to ore granularity is unqualified, or increase energy consumption in grinding process, cause the waste of resources.On the contrary, too high grinding concentration will lead to too thick pulp, poor liquidity, resulting in excessive crushing of materials. Because of the difference in the particle size and material properties, usually the grinding concentration is set according to different conditions, so as to make the final result conform to the actual situation.


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