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Do you know the effect of temperature change on the crusher?

Date:2019-10-31 14:03 Source:cementepcViews:

With the different seasons, the temperature change will have a certain impact on the production line, especially the production effect of the crusher under different temperatures will be greatly different, do you know the impact of the temperature change on the crusher?


1. Influence of high temperature on crusher

In a high temperature environment, the temperature of the crusher itself will rise, easy to produce unpredictable abnormal conditions, such as sudden shutdown, spindle sudden fracture and other faults;

Because of the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, the high temperature will expand the parts of the crusher, resulting in more friction and deviation at the bite of each part, which will not only affect the production schedule, but also make the temperature rise further;

High temperature environment will make the crusher lubricating oil temperature rise high, oil and viscosity decline local oil film damage, parts between the lubrication effect and bearing bearing capacity reduction, what's more, lubricating oil carbonization, burning tile.


2. How to reduce the influence of high temperature environment?


Although high temperature environment is inevitable, we can still reduce the impact of high temperature through some human efforts:

(1) for the crusher installed in the outdoor, we can build a sunscreen net or shade net to block the sun and prevent the equipment from long-term exposure.Long exposure to the sun will lead to aging of the equipment, affecting the quality and efficiency of the broken equipment.

(2) for the crushing machine installed in the room, it is necessary to keep good ventilation in the room, adjust the indoor temperature, and the gout and air permeability of the surrounding environment.It is best to ensure that the working environment temperature does not exceed 40 degrees, to maintain a good working environment for the crusher.


(3) for the core parts and wear-resistant parts of the crusher, the operator should frequently check the values on various temperature meters in the work, stop the machine immediately if any problem is found, and remove the fault immediately if any.For a time can not find the reason, must not be treated and still make the crusher disease work.

In the work of the crusher, we should not only care about the ambient temperature, but also pay more attention to the daily maintenance of the equipment, to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the equipment.


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