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Do you know anything about the cement production process?

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Cement is a kind of building material with better performance.Cement is made of cement clinker.Cement clinker is mainly composed of limestone, clay and iron powder.After continuous heating in the furnace, the raw material becomes clinker through a series of physical and chemical changes.Do you know anything about the cement production process?

cement production process

1. Cement clinker forging process.

The process of cement raw materials forging and firing mature materials in the furnace can be divided into the following five stages:

1.1 water evaporation stage.

This stage consists of two processes, one is the raw material into the furnace temperature rose to 100 ~ 150℃, raw material adsorption water almost all evaporated, this process is called drying process;Second, when the raw material temperature rises to 450℃ with the combustion and heat release of coal after drying, the clay, one of the raw materials, loses crystal water and becomes free and amorphous AL2O3 and SiO2.These two processes are endothermic processes.

1.2 carbonate decomposition stage.

When the temperature in the furnace rises above 600℃, the carbonate in the raw material begins to decompose.

cement production process

1.3 solid phase reaction.

This stage is the formation of part of the clinker mineral stage.

1.4 cement clinker firing stage.

The main component of cement clinker is C3S, which exists objectively and needs to be formed in the liquid phase. Therefore, the temperature of the furnace needs to continue to rise.When the temperature rises to 1450℃, C3S generates the fastest reaction.Therefore, in order to ensure the generation temperature of C3S, make it occupy a large proportion in cement clinker and improve the quality of cement, the kiln temperature of this stage should be controlled between 1300 ~ 1450 ~ 1300℃.

1.5 cement clinker cooling stage,

When the temperature drops to 1300℃, the formation of C3S terminates, after which the temperature drops further and enters the cooling stage.After the above five stages, the mixture of cement raw material is transformed into cement clinker, and after some necessary treatment, it becomes the cement used in construction.

cement production process

2. Cement forging and burning equipment.

The forging process of cement is carried out in a certain furnace equipment.At present, rotary kiln production technology is mostly used in large and medium-sized cement factories, while vertical kiln production technology is mostly used in small cement factories.Rotary kiln is a large thermal unit, composed of cylinder, belt, supporting wheel, transmission device and sealing device.


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