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Cone crusher often block material solution measures

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Cone crusher is an important secondary breaker and plays an important role in the production line.In the production process of cone crusher, due to improper operation or abnormal equipment, it will lead to material blocking in the production process, forcing the equipment to stop, wasting a lot of time to clean up accumulated material, affecting the efficiency of the whole production line.Conical crusher often block material solution measures.

1. Reasons for blocking materials of cone crusher

Cone crusher

(1) improper feeding

With different types of materials, there are certain differences in the selection of cone crushing opportunities. If the broken materials are not suitable for the cone crusher, it is very easy to cause damage to the parts of the cone crusher.In addition, the feeding method may be wrong, if the one-time feeding too much, cone crusher overload operation, will also lead to cone broken block.

(2) improper discharge of the discharge port

The size of discharge port of cone crusher can be adjusted.In the production, if there is no adjustment according to the actual requirements, the broken materials can not be discharged in time and remain in the crushing chamber of the cone crusher.In addition, the volume of the material to be broken is too large, beyond the parameters of the discharge port, can not be discharged.These two phenomena are easy to cause cone crusher block.

(3) equipment failure of cone crusher

During the operation of the cone crusher, if the motor of the equipment fails, it will cause belt wheel, bearing damage, transmission belt slip or even combustion and other failures.The motor of the cone crusher cannot normally provide kinetic energy for the equipment, which will also lead to the clogging of the cone crusher.

(4) there are foreign bodies in the crushing cavity of the cone crusher

If there is a foreign body in the crushing chamber of the cone crusher and it is not dealt with in time, the materials put into the cone crushing chamber cannot be effectively broken due to the lack of crushing space. The existence of debris affects the output of materials, leading to the blocking of materials in the cone crusher.

2. How to prevent cone crusher from blocking materials

Cone crusher

(1) pre-production inspection.

Before start the cone crusher production, deal with cone crusher parts for inspection, check all fasteners are firm, check whether the motor wiring is correct, check whether the pulley firmness is appropriate, check whether the cone crusher work site voltage is normal, see if there are any debris such as crushing cavity, clear in time crushing chamber sundry, ensure normal production and the working conditions of cone crusher.

(2) requirements when feeding.

In the cone crusher into the material, we should pay attention to the following two aspects: one is to maintain uniform feeding, feeding amount can not be too much;Second, the nature of the material to meet the requirements, that is, the material size, hardness and water content can not be too large, too hard or too much, to avoid the material adhesion on the inner wall of the broken cavity, resulting in equipment plugging materials.

(3) processing before feeding.

If there is not in accordance with the nature of the cone crusher feeding materials for crushing, be sure to deal with the material in advance.For example, blasting the large material, pre-screening the material with more fine sand, sun-drying and drying the material with more water, to ensure the dryness and purity of the material, the material can not contain too many other mixed substances.

(4) timely adjust discharge port parameters.

Poor discharge of cone crusher is one of the direct factors leading to equipment clogging.Therefore, in the production process of the cone crusher, it should pay attention to change the parameters of the discharge port according to the change of the material nature, so that the broken material can be discharged smoothly.When the cone crusher into large pieces of debris such as iron, can appropriately increase the width of the discharge mouth, so that the debris can be successfully discharged, in order to reduce the equipment block material.

(5) reduce component wear.

If the main broken parts of the cone crusher are seriously damaged, the crushing effect of the material will be reduced and the equipment will be blocked indirectly.Therefore in the production should pay attention to reduce the wear and tear of the cone crusher, do a good job of the cone crusher maintenance, reduce blocking material to improve the productivity of the cone crusher.

The above is the reason and preventive measures of cone crusher plugging, if you have any questions or Suggestions, welcome to leave a message.


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