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Common faults and solutions of rod mill

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The bar mill is named for the steel bar, which is loaded by the grinding body in the cylinder body. The bar mill is usually wet overflow type, which can be used as a first-level open-circuit grinding, widely used in artificial sand, concentrator, chemical plant power department.In the production process, there will be failures.It is very important to deal with the fault in time, resume production and reduce the loss.This article shares the common faults and treatment measures of rod mill.

1. Main bearing is heating, abnormal sound, motor overload and power failure

Possible reasons:

1. Poor lubrication;

2. Sediment enters the main bearing;

3. Bearing breakage;

4. Improper installation of main bearing;

5. Excessive or insufficient ore supply.


1. Add grease;

2. Clean the bearing and replace the grease;

3. Replace the bearing to adjust the ore feed.

2. The rod mill has vibration phenomenon

Possible reasons:

1. Poor mesh or excessive wear of gears;

2. Anchor screw or bearing screw is loose;

3. Large gear connection bolt or split-bolt loosens;

4. Excessive wear of transmission bearing.


1. Adjust gear clearance;

2. Tighten the loose bolt;

3. Replace the transmission bearing.

3. The rod mill occasionally produces strong vibration and crashing sound

Possible reasons:

1. Foreign matter is mixed between large and small gears;

2. Loose pinion;

3. Gear damage;

4. Loose bearings or screws fixed to the foundation.


1. Eliminate foreign bodies;

2. Change gears;

3. Tighten the bolts.

4.There is a loud crash in the mill

Possible reasons:

1. Too little feed;

2. The lining plate falls off;

3. Too many steel rods;

4. The disorderly stick.


1. Increase the feed quantity;

2. Emergency stop and fix the lining plate;

3. Adjust steel bar quantity;

4. Emergency stop and adjust.


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