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Cement inspection equipment on the market Jiangsu lvssn manufacturing

Date:2019-06-13 10:01 Source:未知Views:

Cement factory tour inspection technology in the production and manufacturing process of the enterprise is essential work, patrol inspection process staff through regular or random inspection of the machines within the jurisdiction of the region, timely find problems, troubleshooting.

Factory inspection plays an important role in the normal operation of enterprises.

Recently, I visited some cement enterprises in China and learned that with the introduction of the national policy on encouraging manufacturing transformation and upgrading, manufacturing enterprises are becoming more and more automated, and automation technology can significantly improve the efficiency of industrial manufacturing.

As a pillar industry of national economy, cement industry has experienced rapid development. With the strengthening of national environmental protection policy and the restriction of energy consumption, it also meets the bottleneck of development.

To improve production efficiency, reduce consumption and strengthen cement quality has become the most urgent demand of cement production enterprises at home and abroad.

Jiangsu Lvssn sen recently launched "cement plant inspection robot intelligence" product, the intelligent inspection management system adopts the GPS satellite positioning technology, FRID of radio frequency technology, high-bandwidth communication base station, WIFI technology through large data processing means such as data transmission to carry on the scientific, digitization, the inspection area needed for visual inspection management.

According to the result of cement collaboration owner's trial, after the application of the intelligent inspection equipment, can obviously improve the efficiency of the equipment inspection work, not only solved the daily inspection staff of excessive dependence on experience in technology, but also for some dangerous link or man-made cannot inspect the key point, no one can easily solve all inspection equipment.

The intelligent inspector is equipped with advanced data acquisition device, which can transmit the data dynamically to the central control screen in real time, and solve the problems in time.

Improve the normal operation level of enterprise equipment, so as to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

Jiangsu lvssn started with cement EPC. Through years of development, it has become a high-tech enterprise integrating cement, intelligence, financial loan and other businesses.

Companies relying on the cement industry, patrol robot, production control and management, intelligent monitoring, industrial big data, and many other intelligent product focus, trying to plant the wisdom of the domestic and foreign customers to provide quality services, improve cooperation cement plant work efficiency and product quality, increase profits for the enterprise to enhance global competitiveness!

Today about "cement inspection equipment listed in jiangsu Lvssn manufacturing"!

You can refer to the reference, I hope this article useful to you.


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