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Analysis of common faults of ceramic ball mill

Date:2019-07-03 09:17 Source:未知Views:

Ceramic ball mill in grinding materials, if the operation and maintenance of improper or other factors, will lead to frequent failure of equipment, affecting equipment grinding operations.The following describes the common faults of ceramic ball mill.

1. Common failure of ceramic ball mill bearing tile burning

Ceramic ball mill at work, if the bearing parts of the lubricating oil brand and the equipment factory manual is not consistent, or lack of oil, oil deterioration, will cause ceramic ball mill bearings burning tile or scratch phenomenon.Because the babbitt alloy lining in the bearing in the case of good lubrication, there will be no burning tile abrasion accident, unless the normal wear to a certain thickness, tile lining and spherical body can not be well combined, there will be abrasion phenomenon.Attention should be paid to the lubrication of ceramic ball mill bearings.

2. Abnormal noise caused by common faults of ceramic ball mill

Ceramic ball mill in normal operation, the sound should be uniform and steady.If there is a slight knocking sound or hoarse grinding sound of the gear, no obvious change in operation, you can continue to observe, find out the reason, and stop for treatment. If the sound becomes louder and louder, stop the ceramic ball mill immediately for inspection.It is important to note that the balance of the ceramic ball mill reducer wheel not according to stipulations of meshing teeth with middle wheel elevation installation, will cause the ceramic ball mill of intermediate shaft on one side of the high-speed shaft pinion driven wheel, and the ceramic ball mill intermediate shaft pinion drive the balance wheel, ceramic ball mill balance wheel turned again to drive on the other side of the intermediate shaft, make ceramic powder mill reducer without the formation of both rotation, some sound, this is dangerous.

3. Vibration of ceramic ball mill

The porcelain ball mill often vibrates when the motor and reducer are started.This is because the gap between the two wheels of the ceramic ball mill coupling is too small to compensate for the channeling momentum caused by self-locating the magnetic center when the motor is started.Or ceramic ball mill coupling alignment method is not correct, resulting in two different axis center.Treatment method: adjust the clearance according to the regulation, make the two shafts concentric.A coupling bolt that fastens the coupling symmetrically at the same moment.When the rotor is unbalanced, the ceramic ball mill rotor is extracted to find another static balance.


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