Small rotary kiln



Applicable materials:Ceramsite sand limestone calcium carbonate carbon nickel laterite etc.


Small rotary kiln is a kind of calcination equipment with small volume excellent performance and stable operation.


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Our Advantage

1.The internal temperature of the kiln is easy to control and the high temperature air flow is in full contact with the material so as to improve the calcination efficiency at the same time the effect is better and the quality of the finished material is good.
2.The material of the equipment is excellent which has the characteristics of higher high temperature resistance corrosion resistance and high strength prolongs the service life of the equipment by 1.5 times and avoids the waste of hot air and energy consumption.
3.The calcination process is smoother the fault is less the operation is stable and the cost of repair and maintenance is reduced by nearly 50000 yuan.
4.There will be no dust noise smoke and other pollution in the whole workflow because the equipment itself is designed scientifically and dust-proof silencing and other devices are installed.
    Small rotary kiln is a small type, low production capacity, low price rotary kiln equipment, divided into ceramsite, metallurgy, chemical industry, white ash, building materials and other types, respectively used in metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection and other industrial departments, at present, its production technology has been very mature, almost reached the international level, the production equipment generally has the characteristics of long life, small area, little investment, high benefit, little pollution and so on.


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