Sand dryer

Capacity:4.5-115 t/h

For the material:Sand river sand yellow sand etc

Drying degree:The initial water content is less than 20% and the final water content is less than 0.5%.


Dry sand machine strong adaptability strong processing capacity can process washing coal fertilizer ore sand clay kaolin sugar etc. can be used in metallurgy building materials food light industry chemical industry coal medicine mining and other industries.


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Our Advantage

1. The three-return drying equipment specially designed and produced for the characteristics of sand with reasonable structure excellent production low energy consumption high output safety and energy saving;
2. Large working capacity effective use of heat source saving drying cost
3. More than 40% higher thermal efficiency than traditional single-cylinder dryer.
4. Than the single cylinder drying less occupy the ground about 60% resentment.The investment of soil construction is reduced by 60% which is convenient for installation.

    The sand is fed into the inner layer of the rotary drum of the three-cylinder dryer to realize downstream drying.

    The inner layer of the plate is constantly picked up, scattered in a spiral way to achieve heat exchange.

    The sand moves to the other end of the inner layer and into the middle layer, where it is dried countercurrent, and in the middle layer it is raised repeatedly, in a two-step forward and one-step backward manner.

    Sand in the middle layer not only fully absorb the inner layer of heat sent out by the drum, and absorb the heat of the middle layer of drum, while extending the drying time, sand in this optimal drying state.


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