Rotary kiln


Processing capacity:180-10000t/d

Processible materials:roasting cement rotary kiln in the industries of metallurgy refractory matter and chemical plant.


 According to different materials there are cement kiln metallurgy chemical kiln and lime kiln. Cement rotary kiln is widely used for calcining cement clinker. metallurgy chemical kiln is used for metallurgy industry. Lime kiln (lime rotary kiln) is used to roast active lime for steel and iron plant and ferroalloy plant and lightly calcine dolomite.


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Our Advantage

Rotary kiln refers to rotary calcining kiln which is originated in cement production and is widely used in building materials metallurgy chemical industry environmental protection and other industries.
Lvssn Group has rich experience in the production of large kiln and mill equipment and its rotary kiln has the characteristics of advanced technology and reliable quality. At present Xinxiang Great Wall has produced more than 100 sets of rotary kilns in various specifications and sold well all over the country and exported to Vietnam Uzbekistan Pakistan and many other countries and regions with high market popularity and good reputation.
Classification of rotary kiln: Cement rotary kiln lime rotary kiln kaolin rotary kiln and magnesium rotary kiln etc.
1.Rotary kiln has many advantages such as great production capacity high mechanization and automation strong adaptability to raw material high activity of its product stable production operation perfect environmental protection measures etc. Therefore it is widely used in many countries.
2.The rotary kiln has simple structure and the kiln body is mainly composed of cylinder bearing drive sealing device for kiln head and kiln tail. It has convenient and reliable production process control less quick-wear parts and high operation rate. It is equipment for cement plants to calcine cement clinker.
3.Through technology innovation the calcination system of rotary kiln adopts the most advanced hydraulic gear wheel device at home and abroad and adopts metering plunger pump with high measuring accuracy high-precision flow speed control valve contact graphite block sealing device and other domestic advanced technologies. It is easy to operate and its performance is reliable. The thermal regulation being stabilized and the operation rate being improved compared with equipment with the same specifications the operation rate increases by 10% yield by 5%-10% heat rate reduces by 15%.
    Characteristics of Cement Rotary Kiln
    1.The shell of the kiln is made of mild steel plate.
    2.High quality supporting roller and tyre.
    3.Reliable inlet and outlet seal.
    4.Fixed and movable kiln head hood.
    The Inner Structure of Cement Rotary Kiln
    Cement Rotary Kiln is made of drum, support bearing, hydraulic thrust device, transmission, movable kiln head, kiln end seal, and pulverized coal injection device. The kiln body is slightly inclined to the horizontal, and is supported by hydraulic thrust roller and roller bearing.
    Performance characteristics of improved cement rotary kiln of our company
    Through the technical transformation of engineers from jiangsu lvsen cement electromechanical technology co., LTD. (jiangsu lvsen engineering technology co., LTD.), advanced hydraulic gear block device, plunger pump with high measurement accuracy, variable speed regulating valve, contact graphite block sealing device and other advanced technologies are adopted in the calcining system equipment of cement rotary kiln.
    In order to improve the degree of automation, industrial television has been used in monitoring kiln head, simulation screen has been used in the display of process flow;The infrared scanning system has directly reflected the burning conditions on the computer through the burning zone.With these new technologies, these new USES, it is direct in vision, easy to operate, and reliable to use.
    Therefore, thermal stability and equipment speed can be improved.Compared to the same size equipment, the operation speed has been increased by more than 10%, the production increased by 5-10% and the heat consumption decreased by 15%.


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