Rare earth rotary kiln



Applicable materials:Rare earth limestone calcium carbonate quartz stone.


Rare earth rotary kiln is a thermal equipment for heating bulk or slurry materials. It has high roasting mechanism excellent performance and reliable work.


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Our Advantage

1.The kiln body is rolled up with carbon steel or alloy steel plate and welded automatically.
2.Alloy cast steel is used for wheel belt supporting wheel and open gear of rare earth rotary kiln.
3.Large clearance non-scraping bearing is used in sliding bearing of equipment.
4.The transmission device of rare earth rotary kiln adopts hard tooth surface reducer elastic diaphragm coupling and DC motor drive.
5.Hydraulic retaining Wheel used in rare Earth Rotary Kiln.
    The material in the rare earth rotary kiln moves from top to bottom, which includes the movement of the upper material due to the volume shrinkage of the material in the calcination process and the movement of the whole kiln material due to the unloading of the lower material.
    If the rare earth rotary kiln has a suitable expansion mouth, the effect of shrinkage on the material drop is very small. Therefore, the movement speed of the material in the kiln is mainly determined by the discharge amount of the material, that is, the output of the rare earth rotary kiln. However, the movement speed of the material must be adapted to the calcination speed of the material, and the calcination speed is related to the calcination temperature, gas speed, heat transfer, material particle size, combustion particle size and so on.
    The velocity of the material in the rare earth rotary kiln varies with the situation, which is related to the exhaust air, the kiln speed, the resistance in the kiln, the physical properties of the material, the diameter of the kiln and the heat exchange device in the kiln.


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