Lime shaft kiln


Applicable materials:Lime cement bauxite and etc.


Lime vertical kiln as its name implies is used to burn lime the shape of the vertical kiln.


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Our Advantage

1.From top to bottom the vertical kiln is pretropics calcination zone and cooling zone. Cooling air from the bottom of the cooling belt into the kiln after heat transfer the product is cooled cooling air is preheated carrying heat cooling air into the calcination zone to participate in combustion thereby reducing energy consumption; fuel combustion exothermic calcined materials after the remaining hot smoke into the pretropics preheating the materials at room temperature to the pre-decomposition temperature. After the flue gas temperature drops to 170 ℃ and 300 ℃ it comes out of the kiln.
2.The kiln skin adopts four layers of refractory vertical masonry the heat preservation effect is good the kiln skin temperature can be controlled at about 60 ℃ above the ambient temperature and the energy saving is remarkable.
3.The refractory material has a long service life and the material does not directly collide with the working face refractory material but depends on the gravity settlement to rub with the working face which reduces the wear speed of the refractory material.
4.Wide fuel adaptability; mixed kiln can use lump coal coke; gas kiln can use natural gas coke oven gas petroleum gas and other high calorific value fuels converter gas blast furnace gas calcium carbide furnace tail gas blue carbon gas producer gas and other low calorific value fuels; oil kiln can use heavy oil diesel and other liquid fuels.
5.Because of the vertical layout of the shaft kiln the large angle arrangement of the single bucket hoist and the compact layout of each functional area the area is reduced because of the vertical layout of the shaft kiln the large angle arrangement of the single bucket hoist and the compact layout of each functional area.
6.The investment is saved the kiln steel structure machine processing workpiece is less the processing cost is low the installation difficulty is not high the refractory material masonry difficulty is low.
    Lime vertical kiln, as its name implies, is used to burn lime, the shape of the vertical kiln. Modern new technology lime shaft kiln is a modern lime kiln with environmental protection, energy saving function, mechanization and high degree of automation. Because of the use of modern technology, it can make full use of cheap energy, especially the gases that originally polluted the environment (such as converter gas, blast furnace gas, calcium carbide furnace tail gas, etc.) as the main energy, turning waste into treasure.


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