Lime rotary kiln


Applicable materials:Limestone cement clinker bauxite activated lime and etc.


Active lime rotary kiln has the advantages of low heat consumption high lime activity strong fuel adaptability simple structure low cost and so on.


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Our Advantage

1.The structure of active lime rotary kiln is advanced and the preheating effect can be effectively improved by using vertical preheater with low pressure loss. The decomposition rate of preheated limestone can reach 20 to 25% and 10-15mm fine limestone can be used directly.
2.The two ends of the active lime rotary kiln are sealed with combined scales. The air leakage coefficient is less than 10%.
3.The active lime rotary kiln can preheat the secondary air to more than 700 ℃ which saves energy.
4.The rotating speed is flexible and the transmission device of the equipment rotates the kiln according to the required rotational speed in production through the gear ring arranged in the middle of the cylinder.
5.The sealing performance is good and the sealing devices are installed at the feed and exit ends of the equipment.
    Lime rotary kiln has many advantages in the process of processing lime ore, it is also known as lime kiln, is a professional calcination equipment, its main advantages are large production capacity, no noise, low comprehensive energy consumption and so on. As the main processing equipment for processing lime, it has very high industrial utilization value, so its current demand is very high, and it is also the ideal equipment for the majority of users in lime processing.
    In production, because the active lime rotary kiln has the characteristics of simple structure, high operating efficiency, high temperature resistance and easy control of the production process, it is also widely used in the iron and steel industry and calcium carbide industry to deal with the waste residue produced in the production process.


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