Energy saving rotary kiln



Applicable materials:Lime limestone white ash cement and etc.


Energy-saving rotary kiln is a kind of equipment with good performance more functions and more specific characteristics which has been praised and favored by many users.


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Our Advantage

1.High yield and high efficiency are its unique advantages which are different from traditional equipment. Its working efficiency is quite high and its production capacity is 5 / 8 times higher than that of general rotary kiln equipment.
2.Because the degree of automation of the equipment is very high so its operation is quite stable and the working state is quite stable which reduces the difficulty of the user's operation.
3.This is a high-quality equipment from its structure and configuration can be extracted out so the quality of the equipment is more guaranteed the satisfaction of this user is quite high.
    The material is fed into the rotary kiln through the kiln tail chute. Due to the tilt and slow rotation of the cylinder, the material rolls along the circumference and moves from the end of the kiln to the head of the kiln along the axis. The material is calcined into calcined white after preheating, decomposition and firing in the kiln, and then enters the cooler from the lower part of the kiln head device. The fuel is burned by the gas or pulverized coal injected into the rotary kiln through the burner, and the heat is transmitted to the material by means of flame radiation, hot gas convection and so on. Heat the material so that the material is calcined into a finished product.


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