Ceramsite sand rotary kiln



Applicable materials:Ceramsite sand calcium carbonate carbon etc.


Ceramsite sand rotary kiln is a common equipment for calcining ceramsite sand. In order to make ceramsite sand play a greater utilization value it is calcined.


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Our Advantage

1.The ceramsite sand rotary kiln has the advantages of simple structure high unit volume long furnace life high running rate stable operation high heat transfer efficiency low heat consumption and so on.
2.The convenient places of ceramsite sand rotary kiln are automatic temperature control overtemperature warning utilization of waste heat of secondary air intake and long life of kiln lining.
3.The quality of ceramsite products produced by ceramsite sand rotary kiln is also quite good thanks to the advanced kiln head and kiln tail sealing technology and equipment stable operation high output and other remarkable advantages.
    Ceramsite sand rotary kiln is a special equipment for calcining ceramsite sand raw materials. This equipment has the characteristics of high unit volume, long service life, high operation rate, stable operation, high heat transfer efficiency, low heat consumption and so on. In addition to the installation of the main transmission, the auxiliary transmission is also installed to ensure that the equipment can maintain normal operation in the case of power outage.
    The material that needs to be calcined should first be crushed by a crusher and then ground into a ball mill for grinding. The powder after grinding goes into the ceramsite dryer to dry and form particles, and then into the ceramsite sand rotary kiln for calcination. Because the temperature produced in the equipment is very high, the raw meal is decomposed, and the generated clinker is unloaded from the low end of the kiln and enters into the cooler after cooling. The corresponding product can be obtained after screening.


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