Stacker and Reclaimer

Application:Bulk material transport

Stacking capacity:650-1400(t/h)

The belt width:650-1400


My company's main products are: Circular stockyard blending stacker reclaimer long yard mixing stacker reclaimer.


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Our Advantage

1、Mainly composed of rotatable boom stacker column bridge scraper reclaimer (Gua Dou)composition electric control system etc..
2、The device occupies small area continuous reactor material fetching operation automaticcontrol. Stacker reclaimer process and the equipment using continuous herringbone stackerand Reclaimer equipment the whole section the stacking layers up to 500 above averaging coefficient is greater than 10 is the stacker reclaimer in the mixing effect of the best equipment.
3、According to the reclaimer rotary radius of circular stacker reclaimer of phi 60m Phi 80mPhi 90m and phi 110m specifications.
    Stacker reclaimer is a bulk material transport and processing equipment, efficient and practical, is mainly used for electric power, building materials, metallurgy, ports, mines, coal industry. Suitable for outdoor or indoor yard in the need for storage, bulk material transport,homogenization.
    My company's main products are: Circular stockyard blending stacker reclaimer, long yard mixing stacker reclaimer.


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