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The development trend of pulverized coal burner in rotary kiln

Date:2019-07-18 14:26 Source:未知Views:

Compared with rotary kiln, the pulverized coal burner of rotary kiln is small in size, weight and price, but in fact, the performance of rotary kiln burner plays an important role in various indexes of the firing system, which makes the pulverized coal burner get special attention in cement industry at home and abroad.The choice of pulverized coal burner with good performance plays a significant role in the economic benefit growth of enterprises.

In industrial kilns, cement rotary kilns are the first equipment that USES pulverized coal as fuel, but there has been a lack of in-depth research on pulverized coal burners of cement rotary kilns, so the pulverized coal burners used by rotary kilns have always been very backward single-air pulverized coal burners.Later, the development of pulverized coal burners is really fast, the rotary kiln with pulverized coal burners quickly developed from single air duct to double air duct, three air duct, four air duct and even five air duct.Both theory and practice have proved that the more burners air duct, the better performance, but the more complex the structure, the heavier the weight, the more expensive the price.

For real four - way pulverized coal burners, the primary air (including coal air) has been reduced to less than 10%.In the case of a single fuel, the swirl four air duct is currently the most advanced rotary kiln pulverized coal burner, originally developed by the European cement machinery manufacturing company.

The present rotary kiln pulverized coal burner has the following obvious development trends:

1) develop from three to four air ducts;

2) develop from segmentation mode to swirling mode;

3) from burning high quality coal to burning low quality coal and waste fuel;

In large and medium-sized production lines, the selected burner from the introduction to domestic development.


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