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Application and development trend of intelligent logistics in cement industry

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With the accelerated deployment of the "made in China 2025" action program proposed by China's strategic goal of manufacturing power, all industries in the manufacturing field follow the trend of The Times and make concerted efforts towards intelligent manufacturing.The cement industry is more in the domestic manufacturing industry in the lower intelligent level.

In the past 15 years, the cement industry has experienced the brutal development era of rapid m&a and integration market, survived the overall downturn of the cement sector, and ushered in the recovery of the whole market.In the era of barbarous growth, cement enterprises grow from small to big, considering the integration of the market and the improvement of production capacity, and have no more energy to invest in advanced and intelligent manufacturing equipment.In the downturn of the entire sector in order to survive fine management, income and expenditure, even more business transformation.At the present stage, the market of cement industry has improved, and the industry profits have been creating new highs. What's more important is the guidance of national policies, and the current relevant intelligent technologies have made considerable development, such as: Internet of things, big data, robots, etc., and cement enterprises have enough energy and capital to develop intelligent manufacturing.Therefore, the present stage is the best opportunity for cement enterprises to develop intelligent manufacturing, and it is also the strong support point of its future market competitiveness.


1. Analysis of logistics status of cement industry

The logistics of cement industry is divided into supply logistics, production logistics and sales logistics according to the sequence of business links, among which supply logistics and sales logistics have the greatest impact on cement enterprises.

Limestone is the basic raw material for cement production, and coal is the necessary fuel for cement production.Therefore, the logistics of limestone and coal are the main components of supply logistics, and whether their transportation can be timely and low-cost greatly affects the production of cement clinker.Below we first on the two important raw material and fuel logistics options for analysis.


1.1 limestone logistics

Many medium and small cement enterprises do not have their own mines, and the main raw material limestone relies on outsourcing. The available conditions are relatively poor, and the quality of limestone is difficult to be guaranteed, which affects the final product performance.And even if the quality can be guaranteed, due to the high transportation cost, the cost of raw materials will increase.A better way is to cement manufacturers choose limestone resource-rich region, through transport corridor will limestone from mine passed to the factory, so on the one hand can guarantee the quality of limestone and continue to supply, on the other hand, maximum limit reduces the transportation cost of limestone, cement manufacturers of limestone on the logistics is the best option.

1.2 coal logistics

In many areas, cement consumption is high and limestone resources are relatively rich, but coal resources are scarce. If cement clinker production is carried out in this area, coal logistics problems have to be faced.

cement industry

2. Current solution ideas

Through the above analysis and consideration of the current coal logistics mode of cement industry enterprises, it can be seen that:

In many cases, when enterprises do not pay more attention to coal logistics management or coal suppliers have more convenient and low-cost transportation mode, they often choose to leave the coal logistics transportation to the supplier, that is, to choose the way of coal delivery price.

When enterprises choose the mode of shipping, if cement clinker or cement shipped to the place with rich coal resources or convenient coal transit, can consider the return journey of coal transport, so as to ensure that the return voyage does not empty ship, the enterprise can have a stronger right to negotiate the freight.

To sum up, the coal logistics in the cement industry is to ensure stable quality and timely supply, because if the loss of cement kilns is caused by coal shortage, the cost is often very high, and the loss may be several million in a day, which is something cement enterprises cannot afford.Secondly, it is necessary to consider the logistics cost. Under the premise of ensuring timely supply, the logistics mode has lower cost, which undoubtedly wins the favor of cement enterprises.


3. Application scope and construction value of intelligent logistics

In front of the cement industry is expounded the current situation of logistics, shows the cement industry logistics basic at the application stage, informatization construction is still in its infancy, so in order to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise informatization construction in the industry at present stage, must speed up the application of logistics informationization, and smart logistics logistics application pain points in cement industry, focus on all aspects of the problem, the specific application areas include several aspects:

3.1 construction value of intelligent logistics

Based on the material circulation process management of cement enterprise park, the system design realizes the digital and automatic management of the material circulation process, and further realizes the intelligent logistics management on this basis.Provide a perfect and stable intelligent logistics equipment and service platform of intelligent logistics system for the construction of enterprise intelligent manufacturing. Based on the existing company's one-card bulk material management scheme, improve the intelligent application of the scheme.

Extension of the Internet and mobile Internet application platform, provide the whole process of enterprise logistics chain services, for enterprises, customers, suppliers, logistics company, drivers, to provide quality and efficient services, improve the efficiency of social coordination, speed up the enterprise material transportation efficiency, standardize enterprise logistics operation process workers, increase efficiency, improve the ability of intelligent manufacturing.

Conduct whole-process management of raw material procurement, stacking and storage, production flow process, product warehousing and storage flow;Construction content:

Logistics planning, logistics operating platform, network order, send management, buffet reception, gestures in line, into his management, smart metering, automatic sampling, quality inspection tests and intelligent loading and unloading of goods and materials for settlement, transportation management, freight settlement, material trace, enterprise construction each link of the warning, status, data via text message, APP group company to implement receiving and analysis, the commodities management platform, provide enterprises with management through large data mining optimization decision-making basis.


3.2 key problems solved by intelligent logistics:

Intelligent logistics improves the operation efficiency of logistics, automatically judges and processes the control of related nodes, improves business efficiency and fine process management;

Intelligent logistics can improve the service ability of enterprises, improve the service ability of enterprises and enhance the brand influence through intelligent standardization of service.

Intelligent logistics reduces staff and increases efficiency, reduces cost, saves human resources, improves supply chain efficiency, and reduces logistics cost.

Standardize the process, adopt closed-loop control, standardize the business process, control business risks, and share and disclose information.


3.3 intelligent logistics can effectively prevent cross-loading of goods

Prevention of cheating: the establishment of a card and a variety of means to prevent cheating means to prevent drivers and personnel colluding to cheat, enhance supervision, strictly prevent running.

Pure informationization is unable to play the role of "influence" of the enterprise, its just the management of the enterprise, process specification and effect, can improve the efficiency of the company's business operation, avoid some management risk, and make the promotion is not only intelligent management, but also involves the enterprise production, quality, logistics, service and so on various aspects of ascend, ascension is the core competitiveness of an enterprise.Therefore, the intelligent road of large cement group is a huge challenge and a long process.

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