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Scientific management of main equipment of modern cement production line

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The main engine equipment of cement plant tends to be large, automatic and intelligent, and the management, operation and maintenance level of the equipment lags behind, which increases the difficulty and cost of equipment management and maintenance.With the increasingly fierce competition in the world cement market, the stability of cement production process, the reduction of production cost and the improvement of enterprise competitiveness can only be guaranteed by ensuring the operational completeness of equipment.

1. Fine management of main equipment


1.1 main equipment classification

The equipment of cement factory is numerous, according to the importance that equipment produces to cement production line and influence degree, can be divided into host equipment, main auxiliary equipment and general auxiliary equipment.The production practice shows that the main engine and main auxiliary equipment of the production line bear the heavy production load due to the high rate of equipment operation and the high risk of affecting production due to equipment failure.

1.2 design and selection of equipment and maintenance planning

Before determine the new cement production line, must be communicated adequately and design institute of design personnel, the existing ideas and requirements, conditions, equipment use elements such as to inform the designer to design and equipment selection, electrical and mechanical equipment management throughout the design, system configuration, selection, data deduction, the economical and technical analysis, purchase, use, maintenance until the whole process of mechanical and electrical equipment scrapped or update, to establish a set of detailed technical archives, let equipment also have missile in id card.

1.3 operation and use of equipment

Before the operation and use of the equipment, the equipment management personnel of the enterprise shall conduct operation and use training for the production and operation personnel according to the relevant safe operation rules of the equipment.

Establish the equipment operation assessment system, evaluate the normal operation and fault treatment of the operators, and link it with the corresponding salary, so as to eliminate the hidden danger of equipment misoperation and ensure the completion rate of equipment operation.

cement production line

2. Suggestions on equipment operation and maintenance management


2.1 make equipment maintenance plan

Good equipment maintenance is the key to the use of equipment, to ensure the good operation of equipment, equipment maintenance plan should be made, regular inspection and maintenance, timely replacement of equipment damaged parts, eliminate equipment hidden dangers.

2.2 strengthen the failure management of equipment

Failure management of equipment is the basis of preventing repetitive failure of equipment.In view of the main equipment, the "main equipment fault tracking and management measures" should be compiled, and the fault analysis report should be prepared.Develop corresponding countermeasures and measures for the fault, so as to avoid repeated occurrence of the fault.

2.3 strengthen lubrication management of equipment

The lubrication management of the equipment runs through the whole life cycle of the equipment, which is an important system engineering of the cement plant, including the lubrication material management and technical management of the equipment.

2.4 strengthen the optimization management of spare parts

Scientific and reasonable spare parts inventory is conducive to the good operation of equipment.Reasonably determining the safe stock of spare parts can effectively reduce the capital occupied by spare parts purchase and increase the inventory turnover rate, thus reducing the cost for enterprises.

3. Establish standardized traceability equipment data database

Establish a complete related equipment installation, operation, maintenance, spare parts, spare parts and maintenance operation standard database, once the equipment failure, just in time to read the equipment database query and so the component model specification of the inventory, and can in the shortest time of equipment parts for replacement and repair.All changes in the life cycle of the equipment are carefully and accurately recorded and can be quested, including documents, images, maintenance personnel, updated parts number and model number, etc.And regularly analyze the data, the operation cost of equipment can be controlled, provide first-hand information for the leader's decision.

4. To summarize

The efficient and stable operation of mechanical and electrical equipment is an important guarantee for the stable and high yield of modern cement production line.As enterprise managers should give up the extensive management mode, attaching importance to and strengthen the management in whole life cycle of equipment, the real from the equipment operation monitoring, fault prediction, inspection, lubrication, maintenance, repair and so on each link to establish effective management system of traceability, reliable, timely tracking the implementation of the emerging sectors of equipment monitoring technology, establish complete rules and regulations.The equipment management and maintenance personnel are regularly trained with relevant professional skills and new technologies, so as to make the equipment management level of cement plant increasingly refined and modernized, and adapt to the update and development of equipment, to provide guarantee for the stable and high yield of cement production line.

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