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Where is the springboard for the tight control, the imbalance of supply and demand and the transformation of the sand and stone industry?

Date:2019-06-27 17:08 Source:未知Views:

From the common building materials to the key raw materials in the development of the national economy, and even a new special strategic mineral, the sand and stone aggregate industry is experiencing the dream change of the frog.

However, in the face of the development situation and demand of the new era, how to change the traditional mode of multi-, small, scattered and messy in the aggregate industry to realize its own transformation and upgrading and high-quality development? Green development is undoubtedly an inevitable and even optimal choice for this proposition.

The members of the Party and the vice-ministers of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Vice-Minister, Ling Yueming, said in a pilot work on the investigation of the situation of mineral resources in the Ministry of Natural Resources, that the construction and development of each city cannot be separated from sand and stone, and the demand for sand and stone will continue to grow as the development of the urbanization is accelerated. The contradiction between the mining development and the ecological protection should be properly handled, and the green development of the sand and stone resources should be realized.

The green development of the sand and stone industry, namely, the environmental impact, product quality and resource efficiency are comprehensively considered in the whole supply chain of the construction sand and stone aggregate. Based on the green manufacturing theory, the corresponding requirements are put forward for the production party, the transporter and the user of the aggregate. ``At the 2019 China Green Mine Construction Summit Forum held recently, Chen Xianxi, a researcher at the Information Center of the Ministry of Natural Resources, expressed his views.

Sand and stone resources are becoming more and more important.

Sand and stone resources are an important part of mineral resources and an important material basis and support for economic and social development. For a long time, sand aggregate processed from common stone ore resources for river sand and building materials is closely related to the survival and development of human society. It is the largest, irreplaceable and indispensable material for infrastructure construction, such as construction, road, bridge, water conservancy, hydropower and so on. Sand and stone are the second largest natural resources consumed in China after water.

According to the statistics of the China Sandstone Association, in the concrete structure,1 ton of steel is used,6 tons of cement and 36 tons of sand and stone aggregate are required; the amount of the sand and stone aggregate for each kilometer of the highway is 5.46 million tons, and the amount of the high-speed iron and gravel aggregate is 70,000 tons per kilometer, The amount of sand and gravel aggregate per square meter of the building is nearly 1 ton.

In modern economic and social development, the importance of sand and stone aggregate is becoming more and more prominent. It is not only the most current production and consumption of mineral resources in our country, but also the important support of the Chinese dream and the people's good life. At present, the annual sales volume of sandstone and aggregate in China has reached 200 million tons, accounting for about 1/2 of the total annual production and marketing of the world's sandstone and aggregate.

With the tightening of environmental policies, the sand and gravel aggregate industry has become the focus of the whole society. On the one hand, the open-head mine is closed, sand and stone aggregate shortage, the price of sand and stone aggregate rises sharply, and the sand and stone in different places are in a hurry, which seriously restricts the local construction and economic development;On the other hand, illegal sand mining, green mine construction, sand and stone transportation have been closely watched by local and central departments, and the social attention of sand and stone industry is increasing.

At present, as the domestic construction material industry profit space is squeezed, the infrastructure and other market demands are still large, the progress of infrastructure projects in various regions is accelerated, the demand of building materials is strong, and the importance of mineral resources is becoming more and more prominent. It is reported that major projects such as the Xiongan New Area and the Beijing New Airport are in urgent need of a large amount of high-quality sand and gravel aggregate. And the annual gap of the sand and gravel aggregate in the Beijing construction market is 150 million tons.

"although the importance of sand aggregate is not enough in our country at present, it is gradually becoming a new strategic mineral." Chen Conxi said that strategic minerals are mineral resources that have an important impact and restriction on national defense security, economic security, and sustainable economic and social development. At this stage, sand and stone, as a cheap and indispensable mineral, is among them.

In foreign countries, sand and stone resources have also received attention. Because of the vital role of sand and stone in natural disasters or post-war construction, in October 2015, the United States House of Representatives passed the National key Strategic Mineral production Act 2015, which lists sand as a key strategic resource.

There are many reasons for the imbalance of sand and stone supply and demand.

What is not proportional to the economic and social status of sand and stone is the present situation of development and utilization of sand and stone industry. It maps to the end of the market, that is, the contradiction between supply and demand in gravel aggregate industry. In 2018, affected by the imbalance between supply and demand, the price of sand and stone in China rose all the way. The profit margin of its industry far exceeds that of other mining enterprises, and has become the "golden sand" of selling jin. Some industry insiders said that in 2018, most of the sand and stone, cement companies profit margins exploded many real estate enterprises. According to conch cement 2018 annual report, conch cement produced 38.7 million tons of sand and stone aggregate in 2018, with a gross profit margin of 6912%.

The soaring price of sand aggregate is related to the continuous tightening of the policies of environmental protection, sand mining and treatment of excess load in China. It is understood that Gansu Province has closed more than 1000 illegal sand mining sites in 2018, Shaanxi, Zhejiang, Jilin and other places have also strictly restricted the number of mines. However, what the industry needs to pay more attention to is the traditional mode of extensive development of the supply side of sand and stone industry for a long time.

It is found that the average production scale of single mine in sand and stone mines in China is low, the development of industry resources is intensive, and the level of scale is not high. At the same time, because most of them are small and micro-enterprises, the overall utilization efficiency of sand and stone enterprises in China is low and the deep processing capacity is insufficient. There are many problems in the exploitation and management of sand and stone resources in China, especially in the aspect of sand mining in river courses, such as multi-head management, cross responsibilities and so on. This undoubtedly affects the intensive degree of sand and stone industry and the improvement of comprehensive utilization efficiency of resources, thus restricting the high quality development of sand and stone industry.

Under the current pressure of environmental protection and social attention, the gravel industry is also seeking its own transformation and upgrading while experiencing and feeling the profound changes brought about by the strengthening of industry management and the intervention of external forces.

At present, the management of sand and stone industry is continuously strengthened, and the management mode of sand and stone nationalization is one. According to the reporter, more than 20 areas such as Hainan, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Hunan, Anhui, Henan, Hubei, Shaanxi and Sichuan have been implemented or prepared to implement the unified management of the nationalization of sand and gravel resources. In the future, as the natural sand resources are becoming more and more scarce, the importance of the sand and gravel aggregate is further highlighted, and the collection and collection of the river course will become the trend of the industry.

How does industry development face the future?

The green development is an important hand and the best springboard for the transformation and upgrading of the sand and stone industry, which is natural without the support of the policy environment.

"in 2019, policies and measures such as reducing taxes and fees, supporting the development of the private economy, prohibiting environmental protection, and so on will be gradually implemented, and the gravel industry will have more favorable policies and an excellent development environment." Chen Congxi said: the rising price of gravel aggregate has been closely watched by local and even central departments, and ushered in many favorable policies. At the national level, in 2018, the General Office of the Central Committee issued a letter requesting inspectors to reduce inspection by 50 percent, to solve the problems of numerous and excessive frequency of inspectors in the sand and stone industry. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology encouraged sand and stone enterprises to merge and reorganize to create a loose policy for sand and stone. At the local level, Zhejiang, Anhui, Chongqing, Hebei and other places issued sand and stone mineral development planning or guidance; Hubei, Xinjiang, Shaanxi and other places have simplified the sand and stone related documents processing process, for sand and stone enterprises to reduce the burden.

According to the development and layout plan of limestone resources for building stone in Chongqing City formulated by Chongqing Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, there are totally 14 crushed stone support bases, one gravel emergency support base and 2 gravel reserve support bases in three areas of Chongqing, Chongqing, northeast Chongqing and southeast Chongqing;The predicted resource quantity is 27.5 billion tons, new construction, reconstruction and expansion, resource integration and retention of 160 mines;The designed production capacity is 110 million tons/year and the service life is more than 30 years.

"the purpose of green development and utilization of sand and stone industry is to make the whole life cycle of sand aggregate from mine construction, mining, processing, sales and transportation, use process to recycling have the least impact on the ecological environment, the product quality can be guaranteed, and the comprehensive utilization rate of resources will be significantly improved." In Chen Congxi's view, the green development and utilization scheme of sand aggregate needs to cover the aspects of scientific planning and design, improvement of production intensity, development and utilization of tailings, recovery of construction waste and so on.

At the same time, he said that the sandstone industry can introduce the big data of the mining industry, build the Internet +, support the industrial layout and decision-making with the big data, so as to reasonably guide the capacity regulation of the industry, and build up the high-efficiency from the production technology to the decision-making management by using the information network technology and the big data analysis technology. From the value discovery to the new ecology of the intelligent transaction process of the matching transaction, the transaction mode characterized by highly networked, data-oriented, cooperative parallel work and distributed service is realized.

The core problem of the transformation and upgrading of the sand and stone enterprises in the new era is to form a new mode of economic, social and environmental co-development, and the green mine is a new model covering the development of mining, safety, production, management, environmental protection and resource utilization in the new era. The deep-level green of the whole industry chain, such as the enterprise culture, requires the sand and stone equipment enterprises to innovate and upgrade from the technical mode, the service mode, the engineering mode, the operation mode and the capital mode, so as to form a comprehensive and coordinated intensive mode.

Hu Youyi said: with the increasing restriction of resources and ecological environment, the basic conditions such as industrial source, mode of production, production scale, product quality and competitive object on which traditional sand and stone industries depend for survival have undergone major changes. In the future, sand aggregate will be built into resource-saving, resource-reuse and environment-friendly industries. Especially in the utilization of solid waste, with the maturity of waste recycling technology, most of the sand aggregate used in new infrastructure comes from solid waste regeneration, and solid waste resources will be recycled.


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