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What solution does ball mill produce when expanding abdomen problem?

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When the ball mill is in a stable state, the amount of material entering the ball mill is basically equal to the amount discharged from the ball mill.But sometimes, because of some reasons (such as returning the amount of sand increased, ore increase, etc.) to lead to the increase in the amount of material, more than the maximum capacity allowed by the ball mill itself, so that its accumulation in the ball mill can not discharge and gradually lost grinding action, this phenomenon is called the ball mill "swollen belly".What is the solution to the swelling problem of the ball mill today jiangsu LVSSN small make up for you to understand in detail.

ball mill

1. The harm of ball mill "swollen stomach"?


The harm of ball mill "swollen belly" mainly includes two aspects:


(1) "swollen stomach" will make the ball mill reduce or even lose the grinding effect on the ore

The stable work of the ball mill is destroyed. At the same time, the problem of "swelling belly" of the ball mill will also affect the quality score and grinding fineness of the subsequent separation operation, which hinders the normal progress of the separation operation.

(2) serious "distension" will damage the ball mill.

For example, when the overflow type ball mill is seriously "swollen belly", the large ore and steel ball will spit out from the inlet and outlet, that is, "spit forward and pull backward".Especially closed-circuit grinding, the overflow type ball mill can make a large number of steel ball and ore blocks into the sand return box, causes huge scoop feed ore and steel balls and violent collisions and damage to the pocket and returned to the sand box, spoon head loss or feed device connected to the hollow shaft screw deformation or cut, damaged the feed and the hollow shaft concentricity and serious will result in ball mill vibration or beating, bearing and gear damage by impact load.

ball mill

2. The reason why the ball mill "swollen belly"

According to the nature of "expanding belly", "expanding belly" of ball mill can be divided into "dry expanding belly" and "wet expanding belly".No matter what kind of "swollen tripe", the reason is mainly caused by improper operation, except the mineral property (hardness) and the adding ball system.

(1) excessive ore supply

No matter which grinding method is adopted, in order to obtain a stable grinding process, it is necessary to abide by the principle of material balance in and out, that is, the total amount of ore feed by the ball mill (original amount of ore feed and return amount of ore) is equal to the amount of ore discharge. However, when the total amount of ore feed by the ball mill exceeds the amount of ore discharge, the principle of material balance in and out is destroyed, which will naturally lead to "swelling tummy".

(2) make the ore particle size coarser

When the ball mill is in stable operation, when the composition of feed ore particle size changes and the content of coarse material increases, if the feed quantity is not adjusted in time, the ball mill cannot maintain stable operation and causes "swollen belly".Because the coarse grinding to the specified fineness needs to maintain a certain retention time in the ball mill, if not timely reduce the amount of ore, the ball mill coarse material will accumulate more and more, resulting in "swollen belly".

(3) too much returned sand

In closed circuit grinding, unqualified coarse particles will be continuously from the grading machine returned to the ball mill grinding (returned coarse particles are called returned sand).Although in a certain range, the appropriate increase of sand return is conducive to increase the ability of the ball mill, but due to improper operation and other reasons, the amount of sand return over the stool destroyed the balance principle, resulting in the ball mill "swollen belly".

(4) change of supplementary water amount

In the grinding - grading circuit, add water "before water" (mill drainage flushing water) and "after water" (back sand flushing water, mill feeding water).The change of "front water" will lead to the change of graded overflow fineness and sand return, which will affect the total ore feed amount of the ball mill, while "rear water" will directly affect the ore grinding concentration.Therefore, a certain reason (water pressure reduction, water pipe blockage, etc.) leading to a decrease in the amount of water added will make the concentration of grinding ore too high so that the material can not be discharged, resulting in the ball mill "swollen belly".

ball mill

3. Solution of ball mill "swollen belly"

To deal with the ball mill "swelling problem", first can reduce the amount of ore mill feed or a short time to stop the ore feed, so as to reduce the work load of the ball mill, reduce the amount of ore through the ball mill.Secondly, adjust the water consumption to control the grinding concentration.

In a word, ball mill "swollen belly" is a problem that many concentrators will encounter more or less in the production, it is suggested that the ball mill operators must pay more attention to the operation of the ball mill, calm analysis of the reasons to take appropriate measures to deal with the ball mill "swollen belly" problem, to ensure the normal production of the concentrator.If you have more questions about cement equipment, please leave a message with us.


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