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The environmental protection system of the impact stone crusher

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With the strict grasp of environmental protection, many equipment in the sand crushing industry is faced with the danger of being eliminated, but, as a commonly used equipment, impact crusher has no such trouble, mainly because, the environmental protection system of the impact stone crusher

With the development of the construction industry, the crushing equipment providing high quality sand and stone for the construction industry has been widely used.The use of crusher greatly promoted the development of the construction industry.The impact crusher is widely used in crushing industry for its advantages of high crushing efficiency, easy maintenance and low cost.However, due to the large impact force between it and stone in the crushing process, a lot of dust will be generated in the crushing process, resulting in a certain amount of environmental pollution.So how did this dust come about, and how do you deal with it?

impact crusher

1. Causes of dust production

(1) the dust generated in the process of counterattack and crushing is inevitable.

(2) the impact crusher works for a long time, and after a long period of work, the impact plate and hammer head will have some wear and tear, even the hammer head is broken. The wear of wearing parts will make the impact seal worse, leading to a large number of small particles of powder flying out.(3) the crushing material is mainly completed through multi-stage crushing in the crushing chamber, with small fineness. In the process of operation, the powder particles are easy to fly outward and produce dust.

impact crusher

2. Methods for handling dust in the crushing process

(1) timely clean up dust to avoid re-pollution caused by secondary dust.

(2) for the impact crusher, the sealing cover can be used where the amount of powder produced by the crusher is large, and the part with large amount of powder can also be sealed in the whole small environment of the crusher.

(3) ensure the humidity of materials and reduce dust without affecting the crushing.

impact crusher

(4) install an exhaust system to store the airflow in the local dust environment to reduce dust.

Through the above measures, we can minimize the harm of the dust in the crushing process of the impact crusher, so that the production process can not only meet the requirements of environmental protection, but also ensure the injury to employees in a reasonable range.


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