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The concrete steps of rotary kiln ring replacement

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As the core part of power transmission, the large gear ring is fixed on the cylinder of the rotary kiln through the spring plate and driven by the pinion to drive the stable and accurate operation of the rotary kiln.After several years of operation, the tooth profile of the core component will be worn, the operation accuracy will be poor, and the vibration and other bad phenomena will be caused, which not only damages the foundation, but also causes adverse effects on the brick in the kiln.In order to ensure the good operation of rotary kiln, it is necessary to invert the face of the ring or directly replace the ring.The concrete steps of rotary kiln ring replacement

1. Make technical preparation before replacement.Digest the drawing of rotary kiln carefully, prepare the construction plan including construction procedure and technical requirements.

2. Material preparation.Prepare all kinds of tools and materials according to the construction plan.

3. Prepare people.Refer to the plan and prepare all personnel including technician and mechanic.

rotary kiln

4. After cleaning the new gear ring according to the plan, measure the size of the item, make a record, and repair and correct the found discomfort.

5. After the size of each part is reviewed, the large gear ring shall be pre-set and the size of each part shall be measured. The next procedure shall be carried out after there is no problem.

6. After the large rotary kiln is stopped for cooling, remove the gear cover and place it in a safe place.

7. Clean up oil stains appropriately, measure the radial and end-face run-out of the big gear ring and the rotary kiln barrel of the part with slow drive, and record the data of the corresponding position.

8. Turn the two closed surfaces of the old big gear ring to the horizontal position, and then use the crane to lift the upper half of the big gear ring. After there is no problem, remove the pin of the spring plate and the ring ring, and check the wear of the pin, and prepare the new pin.After that, the closing bolt and locating pin can be removed and the upper gear ring can be lifted slowly away from the site.

9. Connect the prepared new half ring with the lower half of the old ring group, including the spring plate and ring, the closing bolt and pin of the old and new ring.

10. Turn the rotary kiln slowly, turn the lower part of the old ring to the upper part, remove it in the same way and put it in a suitable place.

11. Hang half of the new ring and connect it with the new ring at the front.

12. After the new big ring is installed in place, replace the worn spring plate and ring pin according to the preparation of the pin.

rotary kiln

13. Start the slow drive and measure the radial runout and end runout of the gear ring.And the biggest jump to the pinion meshing place, measuring the tooth tip clearance.Ensure that the top clearance is 1mm larger than the theoretical clearance, the contact of tooth width is not less than 70%, and the contact of tooth height is not less than 40%.The large gear ring is located in the middle of the pinion.(according to the specific location of rotary kiln)

14. If the radial runout, end-face runout and gear contact of the big gear ring are checked to be within the control range, reinstall the gear cover and complete the replacement work.Refueling test.

15. If during the inspection found that the big gear ring radial runout, face runout super bad, should according to the specific situation, with a number of one thousand catties bumps between the rotary kiln shell and the ring gear, dismantle the spring pin, alignment plate kiln, easily beat tightly regulate the situation through the jack, until qualified, and then cut the spring plate wear pin head, stay pin and gear ring and spring plate spring plate after wear, the welded again can.If the contact of gear size does not meet the requirements, the rotary kiln can be adjusted to solve.

This paper describes the steps of rotary kiln ring replacement, if there are missing points, welcome to give us a message to add.


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