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Solution for inspection and repair of refractory brick lining of rotary kiln

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The lining function of rotary kiln is to protect the cylinder body from high temperature and play a role of heat insulation to reduce heat loss.Rotary kiln consumes a lot of refractory materials, the lining of the high temperature zone kiln of the general kiln needs to be replaced frequently, and its replacement period is the operation cycle of the kiln.Solution for inspection and repair of refractory brick lining of rotary kiln

1. Check and remove the lining of refractory brick of rotary kiln:

rotary kiln

When the temperature in the rotary kiln is low enough to enter, the construction personnel shall first check the damage of the refractory brick in the rotary kiln. If the single or small part of the refractory brick falls off, the excavation shall be carried out.If multiple or large areas of refractory bricks fall off, the entire ring brick lining should be replaced.

To remove the lining firebrick, first place the new brick at the lowest point, break one firebrick with a pick, remove the debris, then remove three pieces on this basis, and expand the demolition of the ring and axial demolition.The lower part should be removed for about a third of the time, the upper part should be crowed off with steel, and the old bricks should be cleared out of the rotary kiln.

The removed old bricks and debris should be cleaned in time to facilitate the repair of the masonry, the reasonable laying of new bricks and the smooth construction and transportation space of construction personnel.


2. Repair of lining of refractory brick of rotary kiln:

rotary kiln

(1) the replacement of refractory bricks in the whole ring rotary kiln is consistent with the method of laying.

(2) the masonry must be built from the direction of the rotary kiln head (low) to the direction of the kiln tail (high) to prevent the brick body from slipping when the kiln body rotates;

(3) the brickwork shall be divided into three periods of about 1/2, 1/4 and 1/4 weeks, with the top supporting the erection in one shape.

(4) on the premise of removing and cleaning old bricks lining the rotary kiln, mark the longitudinal axis directly below the kiln with the vertical axis of the horizontal instrument, and make several ring lines perpendicular to the axis in the mural in the kiln;

(5) with the vertical axis directly below the inner shell of the kiln as the reference, lay the first brick and continue to lay other bricks. When laying bricks, the interface between brick rings and rings should be perpendicular to the axis;Special shape brick every 10 ring section does not daub mortar to retain the expansion seam.

(6) erection of top support

When erecting the top support, the center of the top support should be located at about 200mm above the horizontal center of the cross section of the kiln.

When tightening to the top support, the top support should not be screwed into place at one time. It should be screwed from the first top support to the fifth one, and then back to the first one.Repeat this 3 or 4 times until tightened.

rotary kiln

(7) mortar joints

Bricklaying mortar, longitudinal seam does not exceed 2 millimeter, girth is not more than 3 mm, refractory brick face (small) ring to reserve, brick of longitudinal seam for 50-70 - mm mortar daub, when the brick masonry to 3-4 layer, with wooden hammer knock brick, the ash seam pressure, make the same thickness, lest cause mortar joint thickness is different, masonry ring should be perpendicular to the axis of the kiln body of rotary kiln;

(8) lock of brick ring:

Firebrick lining shall be carried out at the last SiWuKuai lock, lock should from the side into the brick arch, can't just lock, if existing transformation needs to last 1-2 brick, brick block lock because brick retaining ring or firebrick lining at the last ring cannot enter from the side, the side of the entrance gate to the 1-2 brick for processing, make the gate size is consistent, up and down and locked with suitable brick from the top into the mouth size, before should be fixed on both sides of the iron, prevent into the lateral extrusion brick.

(9) the dredging shall be carried out according to the lock of the brick ring

After excavation and demolition, the repair of masonry refractory bricks should be carried out in accordance with the lining repair process of rotary kiln, to avoid the hidden danger of irregular masonry.


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