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Scheme to improve the working efficiency of grid ball mill

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Grid ball mill is a kind of classification of ball mill equipment according to discharging way. Manufacturers of ball mill equipment are pursuing high efficiency product equipment.So improve the efficiency of the grid ball mill.Scheme to improve the working efficiency of grid ball mill.

grid ball mill

1. Arrangement of grid board

The arrangement of the lattice plate directly affects the material's ability to pass through, the plugging and wear of the lattice plate hole.For concentric arrangement of lattice holes, slurry along the space movement, lattice hole wear faster, through the lattice hole slurry may return to the barrel, affecting the ability to discharge, but has the advantage of the coarse material block in the lattice hole flushing back.

The advantages of the former are integrated and the disadvantages of the latter are weakened.Therefore, the general use of oblique arrangement form.The section of the lattice plate is made into a trapezoid.The large end of the trapezoid should point to the end cover of the discharge to prevent clogging.


2. Add dispersant appropriately

The proper addition of dispersant in the operation of the grid ball mill is also conducive to the improvement of its working efficiency.

grid ball mill

3. Current size

The grid ball mill current is equal to the number of ball mill performance input, the increase in the ball mill current will drive the increase in speed, which directly improves the work efficiency of the ball mill.Therefore, the installation of speed adjustment device to properly improve the speed of the ball mill, can improve the work efficiency of the ball mill to a certain extent.

Note: there is a certain range of current progress of the grid ball mill, and the upper limit of current increase is that the power of the ball mill reaches the rated power range, once exceeding, the ball mill will be burnt.


4. Mineral water content

The amount of water content of the ore processed by the grid ball mill will affect the working efficiency of the ball mill, so the appropriate amount of water added to the ore processed by the ball mill, avoid the ball mill to deal with too dry ore raw materials, can also play a proportionate role in the improvement of the efficiency of the ball mill.

grid ball mill

5. Diameter of the ball stone

The diameter of the ball stone used by the lattice ball mill is one of the factors that affect the working efficiency of the ball mill. The size of the ball stone is different for the grinding of the ore processed by the ball mill is more favorable, which can realize more sufficient grinding of the ore of different sizes, so as to improve the working efficiency of the ball mill.


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