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Safety Production in Cement Plant

Date:2019-06-14 10:25 Source:未知Views:

In order to further strengthen the preventive measures of safety in production, we should comprehensively promote the enforcement action, governance action and propaganda and education action of safety in production in enterprises. In the fourth quarter of the final battle, we will ensure the safety of production throughout the year and formulate this plan in accordance with the actual situation of the enterprise itself.

I. Guiding Ideas

Adhering to the policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management", earnestly implementing a series of arrangements and deployments for safe production in recent counties and towns, closely combining with the actual work of our factory, further improving supervision measures, eliminating blind areas of supervision, taking a decisive attitude and extraordinary efforts, doing a good job in the work of safe production in the fourth quarter, Resolutely Curbing the occurrence of accidents in safe production, and maintaining the shape of safe production. The situation is stable.

Year-round safety objectives: zero accidents of industrial casualties, serious injuries and many people poisoning; zero accidents of major fires; zero accidents of major equipment and operation; zero accidents of major environmental pollution; zero accidents of minor injuries.

II. Work Tasks

(1) To carry out law enforcement actions for safe production. Emphasis has been laid on strengthening the supervision and management of the whole process of the implementation of safety production rules and regulations, carrying out work in strict accordance with the "Safety Work Regulations" and "Safety Production Post Responsibility System", focusing on investigating and dealing with violations of rules and regulations, enhancing the consciousness of employees to abide by the law and eliminate violations, and intensifying the investigation and handling of all unsafe incidents to promote each other. Effective implementation of the rules and regulations. We should implement the responsibility system for production safety at all levels, clarify the responsibilities of personnel at all levels, put the responsibility system for production safety in place step by step, and achieve the synchronous planning, implementation and development of production safety and production management.

(2) To carry out the investigation and management of production safety. Focusing on coal grinding, dust removal equipment, mechanical protective devices, high-altitude working platforms, staircase fences and vertical kilns, the inspection of key positions should be strengthened. Safety production managers should inspect the items specified in the post inspection; safety production management should be strengthened on the spot so as to find problems in time.

Eliminate hidden dangers, plug loopholes, eliminate unsafe factors in the bud state; focus on self-examination and governance actions in comparison with finding problems in learning and practice activities, and set time limits for rectification of existing problems, implement responsible persons, and ensure that the governance work is implemented.

(3) Publicity and education on production safety. During the "Safety Production Month" campaign, with the theme of "Care for Life, Safety Development", we should promote safety culture, strengthen safety training, raise safety awareness, strengthen safety inspection, implement accident hidden danger rectification, and promote the steady improvement of safety production in our factory. Make full use of radio, newsletter, factory television station, blackboard newspaper and other publicity tools, concentrate on publicity and education of production safety, so that enterprises from top to bottom, every level of personnel can have a profound understanding of its significance. "Blood Lessons" accident photo exhibition was held to inspire and educate employees to cherish life, abide by rules and regulations, stay away from accidents and ensure safety. Make employees firmly establish the correct safety concepts such as "safe production never ends, safe production has a long way to go", and build "people-oriented, safety for the sky"

Safety culture, create a harmonious safety atmosphere, sing the main theme of safety production. At the same time, the work of safety production education and training should be strengthened, and the education of safety production should be strengthened, so as to eliminate violations of rules and regulations and make employees develop good safety production habits.

(4) Strictly investigate responsibility and implement rewards and punishments, and further refine the target assessment system of the responsibility system for production safety. On the basis of the original target management assessment of production safety, we should intensify (from this article) the assessment of illegal and illegal production, special management, safety accidents, hidden dangers investigation and rectification, Listing Supervision and other aspects, so as to achieve the goal of highlighting the focus of the assessment of production safety responsibility system, facilitating operation and focusing on effectiveness, and fully mobilize and enhance the "security and development" of all departments at all levels. ” The enthusiasm and urgency.

Cement factories have formed a good atmosphere of caring for life and safety in enterprises. They have carried out the "three actions" of safety production throughout the year, so as to achieve synchronous deployment, implementation, inspection, assessment and summary of safety production in the same year. Through carrying out the "three actions" of safety production, we will strive to make new breakthroughs in the aspects of safety production, rectification, practical work, solving difficult problems and promoting development, and form a strong atmosphere in which everyone participates in the implementation of safety rectification, everyone participates in the establishment of safety rules and regulations, and everyone promotes the scientific development of enterprise safety work, so as to ensure the long-term stability of enterprise safety production.


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