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Safety Consciousness of Cement Plant

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Safety Production with the Power of Enterprise Culture

Safety production is the foundation of enterprise survival, the guarantee of enterprise development, the symbol of enterprise civilization and the embodiment of enterprise management. Safety production is the eternal theme of enterprise, with only starting point and no end point. Safety culture is an important part of enterprise culture and the soul of enterprise to realize safety production. Today we are holding the Speech Competition of Enterprise Safety Culture, then what is it? What about enterprise safety culture? Enterprise safety culture is the sum of safety values and safety codes of conduct created by enterprises in safety construction activities and safety production process. It includes not only safety management, safety education and safety norms of enterprise leadership, but also safety knowledge, safety skills and safety awareness of enterprise employees, as well as human factors and human background of enterprises. Affecting the safety environment, safety quality and safety production of enterprises. Therefore, we should vigorously promote the safety culture, build the brand of enterprise culture, and support production safety with the strength of enterprise safety culture. Specifically, we should create four levels of enterprise safety culture:

1. Keep pace with the times and build enterprise safety spiritual culture. Enterprise safety spiritual culture is the comprehensive reflection of employees'thoughts, feelings and will in safety production, and is the core force influencing and controlling employees' safety behavior. It is necessary to deepen safety management thought, enhance employees'safety concept and enhance employees' safety consciousness, especially to enhance self-protection consciousness and safety students. We should be aware of the zero starting point of production work and strive to form a pattern of promoting development with safety and ensuring safety.

2. Constant efforts should be made to build enterprise safety value culture. The core of enterprise safety culture is people-oriented, based on the safety and health of employees, to realize human safety value. In enterprise production and operation activities, people play a leading role, creating wealth and creating everything. Any problem of machinery and equipment is a problem of management; any problem of management is a problem of human management. Employees'Three Outlooks (outlook on life, values, world outlook) and cultural quality will affect their own and other people's work attitudes and behavior. Enterprises should unify the value orientation of employees' safety and use lofty spiritual strength to persuade, attract, unite, inspire and cohesive people, so as to exert their creativity and form a strong sense of purpose, responsibility and cohesion among all employees. The sense of mission is the value of the logo.

3. Standardize management, build enterprise safety system culture. Perfect and practical safety management system, like the umbrella of enterprise safety production, is the materialized product of enterprise safety spiritual culture, the most intuitive basis and standard of employees'operation behavior, promotes the development of enterprise safety management in depth, and ensures enterprise production safety.《 Safety production responsibility system and other systems regulate employees'behavior and production procedures, standardize the work order of safety production, and promote the sustainable and stable production safety of enterprises.

4. Focus on people and build enterprise safety material culture. Safety culture advocates "love" and "protection" for employees and safeguards employees'life safety and health. Only when these are materialized in the process of production and operation, can the harmony and unity of the value orientation of safety and health be achieved between enterprises and employees, and can employees be actively encouraged to invest in safety and health. Only by producing and shaping the dedication of the employee's owner can we lead the employee to cultivate the safety concept and specific behavior of "life first, safety first".

Adhering to People-Oriented and Promoting Safety Culture

Promoting Safety Production and Constructing Harmonious Enterprises

We should enhance safety awareness, enhance the concept of safety development, deeply understand the importance of safety production in enterprises, adhere to people-oriented, promote safety culture, promote safety production and build a harmonious enterprise. In the process of jointly building safety culture in enterprises, all our employees should enhance the "five concepts" and "five kinds of consciousness":

First, we should upgrade the concept of "people-oriented, safety first" and enhance safety awareness (production, sales and mine management are the three key links of cement plants. Safety production should run through every position and link of our work and penetrate safety awareness into every detail).

The second is to enhance the concept of "prosperity, honor and disgrace" and enhance the sense of responsibility.

Third, we should upgrade the concept of "loving and dedicating to work, striving for first-class" and enhance the sense of dedication.

Fourthly, we should enhance the concept of "thrifty and thrifty, starting from me" and enhance the awareness of saving. Water, electricity and limestone raw materials are the three most important energy and restrictive factors in cement plants. We should pay attention to saving use and be the leader of "energy saving and emission reduction".

Fifth, enhance the concept of "I am for everyone, everyone is for me" and enhance the sense of harmony.


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