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Roll press roll gap deviation and jump to stop the cause of what?

Date:2019-10-09 15:24 Source:cementepcViews:

The driving mode of roller press is a motor driving two grinding rollers through a reducer.When problems do not solve in time, will cause the jump stop, you know the roller press roller gap deviation and jump stop what are the reasons?

roller press

1. Cause analysis of roller press jumping and stopping


1.1 material particle size exceeds standard

Under normal circumstances, the average particle size of materials into the roller press should be less than 30mm, and the maximum should not exceed 50mm.Cement production ingredients choose clinker, volcanic ash, small gravel and gypsum, among which clinker, volcanic ash, gypsum particle size can meet the requirements, only small gravel is provided by the mine small crushing, particle size is not stable.In the crusher new hammer head, small gravel size is very small, can meet the requirements of roller press size.When the hammer head wear for a period of time, especially in the later stage, the crusher small gravel size seriously exceed the standard, the average size of 60mm, the maximum diameter of more than 120mm, resulting in the roller press vibration increased, the system stop.

1.2 hydraulic system failure

Hydraulic system components such as nitrogen bags, safety valve, pressure relief valve failure or damage will cause the roller press vibration, jump stop.

1.3 wear of roll surface

After the roller surface of the roller press is worn, the surface is uneven, which can not effectively squeeze the material shape. The output of the mill is reduced due to the large amount of granule material in the discharge and the small amount of cake material. The circulation amount in the roller press system is greatly increased, and the powder material is more and more.

roller press

2. Big solution measures and effects of roller gap deviation of roller press


2.1 reduce the particle size of small gravel

Firstly, the average particle size of small crusher is reduced by shortening the period of changing hammer head from mine.Secondly, the nitrogen air bag prefilling pressure is changed to enhance the ability of the roller to adapt to large material.It is well known that hydraulic oils are almost incompressible and the compression ratio of air is very high. Nitrogen air bags are introduced into the hydraulic system by applying this principle.The nitrogen balloon (also known as the hydraulic accumulator) consists of a liquid part and an air-tight skin gas part. The liquid around the skin is connected to the hydraulic oil circuit.When the pressure in the hydraulic line increases, the skin accumulator absorbs the liquid energy and the gas is compressed.As the pressure drops, the compressed gas expands and pushes the stored liquid into the hydraulic loop.By increasing the prefilling pressure of nitrogen air bag, more nitrogen can be stored in the air bag and more liquid energy can be absorbed.The original pre-filling pressure of nitrogen air bag in the hydraulic system of our company's roller press is 95bar, while the operating pressure in normal operation is 210bar. When a large piece of material passes through the roller, the back stroke of the moving roller is small, the pressure of the system rises sharply, and the scene makes a huge sound. The vibration of the reducer often exceeds 8mm/s, causing the system to jump and stop.After the pre-filling pressure of nitrogen air bag was increased to 130bar, the operating pressure was still set at 210bar. Field observation showed that when a large piece of material passed through the roller, the stroke of the moving roller was significantly increased, and the vibration of the reducer was basically kept below 3mm/s, effectively reducing the number of times of vibration jump and stop of the roller press caused by the large piece of material.

2. Set the safety pin reasonably, check and maintain it regularly


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