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Roll crusher development market

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Jaw crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher have good crushing effect on high hardness and ultra-high hardness materials, but for some medium or low hardness materials will be a little oversized.The cost of these crushers is also relatively high, for enterprises, this is a huge cost burden, there is a low price, good crushing effect of the crushing machine?

1. Fighter jet in the crusher -- roll crusher

Roller crusher is such a very practical model, especially for such as new materials, garbage recycling, and some of the hardness of minerals and other hard and below the material has a good crushing effect.Every year, we have to produce a large amount of garbage. If these garbage can be sorted and recycled, it will produce great social value and reduce the environmental pollution and waste of land resources caused by landfill.And this recycling process also needs crushing work, and the roller crusher is very suitable for such work.

2. Reasons why roller crusher cannot be vigorously developed:


For the development of roll crusher is a complicated system engineering, need to have a strong technical force, sophisticated production technology and other aspects of requirements, and at present our country in this respect into little, in the industry production and the basic research funding in serious imbalance, manufacturers only immediate interests, reluctant to invest in basic research.It can be said that the research and development of roller crusher is weak and the funding is seriously insufficient, resulting in its low technical content, unable to compete with similar products abroad, and can only rely on low price to maintain its market competitiveness, unable to occupy the market for a long time.

In recent years, the economy has become a fashionable buzzwords, energy conservation and emissions reduction so-called economic, energy saving and emission reduction is to point to in under the guidance of the concept of sustainable development, through technical innovation, system innovation, industrial transformation, new energy development and other means, as far as possible to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, achieve economic and social development and ecological environment protection win-win economic development form.

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