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Impact hammer crusher rotary disc design improvement

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Impact hammer crusher is one of the important supporting equipment in the production of raw materials preparation process. Due to its large wear, poor working environment and other reasons, the crusher causes frequent failure, which brings a great impact on production.Now according to several years of production maintenance practice experience.In this paper, the design improvement of two - end rotary table of impact hammer crusher is discussed.

1.Introduction of structure and working principle of impact hammer crusher


1.1. Introduction to structure of impact hammer crusher

Impact hammer crusher consists of two parts: rotor and shell.The rotor part is composed of hammer head, rotating shaft, rotary disc, pulley, flywheel, bearing seat and other parts;The shell is mainly composed of hopper, upper shell, lower shell and mobile shell. The inner wall of the shell is set with lining plate, and the bottom of the lower shell is equipped with discharging sieve plate

1.2 working principle

The working principle of counterattack hammer crusher is simple, which is to use the high speed rotating shaft installed in the shell to drive the hammer head to impact the material through the rotary disc to make it broken.After the material is broken repeatedly in the shell, the material with the particle size requirement is discharged out of the machine through the unloading sieve plate.

2. Use defect of hammer crusher

From the site use, the use of hammer crusher defects are mainly manifested in serious wear, rotor two ends of the lateral wear of the rotary disc is the most obvious.The reason is that both ends of the rotor in the case of no lining plate protection, and the crushing material direct contact friction, causing the crusher rotor in just a few months to scrap.Therefore, the raw material section has to increase the maintenance investment, take the thickening two end turntable, choose wear-resistant materials, repair welding treatment and other methods for maintenance.Even so, the rotor rotors at both ends are frequently replaced, usually more than half a year, consuming a lot of manpower and material resources, and seriously affecting production.

3. Improve the design of the rotary table at both ends of the impact hammer crusher

In order to improve the service life of hammer crusher, repair welding and other methods can be used to solve the problem of serious wear of rotor rotors.However, the method of repair welding treatment is cumbersome to operate, which takes up more maintenance personnel and energy, which is a problem that many users of hammer crusher are waiting to solve.According to the crusher casing wall with the design concept of wear resistant lining board, if the rotor wheel on both ends of the lateral wear-resistant plate installation, can realize the crushing raw materials and easy change of contact wheel wear resistant lining board, in order to protect the turntable and prolong the service life of purpose, also reduced the replacement turntable trouble at the same time, alleviate the pressure for rotary frequent failure of maintenance, so as to improve the operation rate of equipment.According to this idea, after careful analysis and research on the problem of serious wear on the outer side of the rotor rotating disc at both ends, the method of reforming the original rotor rotating disc at both ends and adding wear-resisting guard plate is adopted.

4.Effect of

Wear resistant lining board is installed on the outer side of rotor rotary disc at both ends, which solves the defect of severe wear on the outer side of rotor rotary disc at both ends of hammer crusher.


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