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Impact crusher used for secondary crushing differences and advantages

Date:2019-08-02 15:45 Source:未知Views:

In the mining industry, whether it is crushing or making sand, or mineral processing production, basically need two stages of crushing, general will choose jaw crusher as coarse, jaw crusher is really an important equipment in the mining industry, no matter it is soft or hard materials, all can do with skill and skill.But the choice of secondary crushing equipment is more diverse, commonly used have impact crusher, cone crusher, efficient crushing machine, not commonly used have double-stage crusher, roll crusher, single-stage crusher and other equipment, different production conditions choose different secondary crusher.

1. Impact crusher ACTS as secondary crusher

Counterattack crusher in the crushing production line, sand production line, mineral processing production line, it can use rotor huge impact crushing compressive strength less than 350 mpa of hard and soft materials, can be broken under 800 mm, material particle size and production capacity in the 30-800 tons /, have good granule shape and no tension and crack, finished product cube characteristics of larger scale.

Cone crusher counterattack crusher and the application scope of most overlap, for general materials, secondary crushing the counterattack crusher and cone crusher is not too big difference, but if the breakage is hard material, the cone crusher is more suitable for laminating crushing principle, it can be very good broken relatively hard material rather than make their own parts of large losses, with advanced technology, production cost is low, the advantages of the large production capacity, its feed particle size control under 560 mm, production capacity of between 12-2000 tons /.

High efficiency fine crusher is also called fine hubei broken, not just in the jaw crusher series of coarse broken, and finely series e broken machine, fine hubei broken is the working principle of dynamic extrusion materials will be broken, generally can handle 250 mm below the particle size of materials, production capacity in the 8-105 t/a, because of the low cost of investment, other crusher can not be broken, viscous damp ore, usually with fine hubei, also often with coarse jaw broken in mineral processing production cooperation the ore material crushing.

Equipment through the above introduction, actually choose which kind of equipment for the secondary crushing has no fixed pattern, usually when two or three kinds of equipment can meet the demand of broken, we usually from cost, equipment performance compare, if broken material properties have bias, we usually choose is more suitable for crushing the material of equipment.

2. Different quartz sand configuration equipment


According to the characteristics of quartz sand, different USES of quartz sand.When the quartz sand production line is equipped, there are two main production line configuration methods: dry method and wet method.

(1) dry quartz sand production line equipment mainly includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, quartz stone sand machine, belt conveyor, vibration screen, etc.The technological process is quartz stone ore according to the size of successively through the jaw crusher, impact crusher processing into smaller stone, stone and then through the quartz stone sand processing machine sand, and then through the vibrating screen screening, in the screening process using magnet bar and iron bar.

(2) the equipment of wet quartz sand production line mainly includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, quartz stone sand making machine, dryer, vibrating screen, sand washing machine waterway system, etc.Its technological process is roughly as follows: quartz stone material after crusher processed into smaller stone, stone after quartz sand stone machine into the sand, sand into the sand washer in the sedimentation tank, put the sand in the sedimentation tank into the dryer drying into dry sand, and then through the sieve sieve, using magnetic separation equipment in the process of screening out of iron.


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