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Impact crusher impact plate selection

Date:2019-07-30 15:10 Source:未知Views:

The counter plate is the easy to wear parts in the counter breaking equipment, the counter plate is the counter crusher to directly break the material, more vulnerable to wear, is the replacement of many accessories more frequently.

Counterattack crusher for its's advantage in material crushing and is popular with investors, the role of the back plate is can carry on the secondary crushing to the material, is essential to complete the whole crushing work and accessories, counterattack crusher are able to achieve the purpose of crushing, get is close cooperation between the plate hammer and counterattack plate.

Counter-attack board after a period of time of work will appear "strike" performance, then we need to change the counter-attack board, the quality of the counter-attack board is also good or bad, how to choose?

Counter plate on the market to sell a lot of forms, mainly can be summarized as fold and arc type two categories, this is before we want to understand the counter type crusher configuration, counter plate material in China is commonly used steel plate welding, its counter surface with wear resistant lining plate, but also can be formed by counter roll or grate.

The counter surface with grate has less fine grain content, which can improve the production capacity and save power consumption.However, there are some defects such as complicated structure, difficult to replace after surface wear, and fast wear.Although the number of counter plate replacement is less, but this should cause our high attention, when the crushing effect is not good, we can easily improve, but the counter broken body will pay a great price after serious wear.

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