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Impact crusher determines the basic principles of ore crushing process

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Impact crusher determines the basic principles of ore crushing process, the basic purpose of ore crushing is to make the ore raw material or fuel to achieve a certain size requirements.

In mineral processing, the purpose of crushing is:

(1) supply the most reasonable grain size of ore for rod grinding, ball grinding and self-grinding, or provide qualified grinding medium for self-grinding and gravel grinding;

(2) the coarse grained embedded minerals are initially separated from the monomer, so as to carry out mineral processing by coarse grained classification methods, such as heavy medium separation, jigging separation, dry magnetic separation and washing separation;

(3) to provide the most suitable raw materials for selecting or smelting, such as making high grade iron ore reach the required particle size for direct smelting.

Impact crusher

Different purposes require different granularity, so there are many types of crushing processes.Crushing section is the most basic unit of crushing process.The different number of crushing sections and the different combination of impact crusher and sieve lead to different crushing processes.The crushing section is composed of the screening operation and the crushing operation into which the products on the sieve enter.Individual crushing sections may not include screening operations or may include both screening operations.The use of two stage crushing process is mostly small concentrator, because of the small size of the raw ore from the mining, but also because of the special requirements of the technology and the use of two stage crushing process.The crushing products obtained from the two-stage open-circuit crushing process are of coarse particle size and can only be used in simple small concentrator or industrial pilot plant. No pre-screening is required in the first stage.

In this case, small concentrators may also be used for normal production when the raw ore contains high levels of mud and water.In order to make the particle size of the broken products smaller, some small plants use two sections of a closed-circuit crushing process.Jinling iron mine is the best one. The final crushing particle size of 12~10mm is obtained, and the closed-circuit crushing technology level of three sections is reached, thus improving the grinding efficiency of the mill.But the crusher wear out faster, and maintenance.Most of the two crushing processes in production use jaw crusher and cone crusher.If you have any more questions about cement plants, please contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.


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