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How to stabilize and improve the output of rotary kiln?

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The main problems restricting the output of rotary kiln are: the raw material composition is not stable, the aluminum rate fluctuates greatly;Due to the unstable composition of raw materials, the thickness of kiln skin fluctuates greatly, which causes impact load on equipment operation, and the kiln skin falls off seriously, making it difficult to hang the kiln skin again.

1. Fault analysis


1.1 process fault analysis

A. Due to the failure of fly ash warehouse blanking system to operate normally, there are problems in raw material allocation. Raw material composition cannot meet production requirements, and the amount of fly ash added is seriously low.

B. Due to the large fluctuation of raw material composition and the high and low aluminum rate, the feed amount of rotary kiln can only be maintained at 140 ~ 160t/h. Besides, when the aluminum rate is low, the material will seriously wash the kiln skin, resulting in the kiln brick operating without the protection of kiln skin, reducing the service life of kiln brick and worsening the technological condition of rotary kiln.


1.2 equipment fault analysis

After inspection by the equipment department and the firing workshop, the results are as follows:

A. The end face of rotary kiln's 1# and 2# wheel belt shows slight wear, while the end face of the south side of the 3# wheel belt shows severe wear, with about 10mm wide and 3mm deep grooves and nodular processes.

B. There was serious friction between the upper part of the disc and the belt of the hydraulic gear block, resulting in strip-shaped grooves;

C. Rotary kiln head and tail sealing devices were partially damaged. After the Spring Festival, welding seams of kiln head cold air hood were even cracked.

D. There are problems in the transmission part. Most of the connecting bolts between the big tooth ring and the spring plate are loose.

E. The supporting wheel and thrust plate cannot be controlled for failure to stop the machine to check the damage, but it can be inferred from the temperature of the bearing shell that there should be no serious wear;

F. The main motor current of rotary kiln fluctuates greatly, forming impact load on the equipment;

G. Poor technological condition in rotary kiln, large temperature difference of kiln head, resulting in weld cracking.

rotary kiln

2. Tips to stabilize and improve rotary kiln production


2.1 control the main transmission current of rotary kiln

Increase the output of kiln stably, control the main current of rotary kiln stably.The rotation speed is no more than 3.5r/min to achieve stable and optimal production, and repair the damaged parts of the rotary kiln with stable load to avoid new damage caused by impact load on the rotary kiln;

2.2 stable raw material composition

Take measures to reform the flyash blanking port by gathering mechanical, electrical automation, technology and other professionals, stabilize the blanking amount, reduce the raw material mill output, and ask the laboratory to readjust the raw material formula, ensure the balance and stability of the raw material composition, and improve the technological condition in the rotary kiln;

2.3 increase raw material output

On the basis of stabilizing the raw material composition, the raw material yield is gradually increased, so that the raw material mill can achieve high yield and excellent yield, laying a foundation for the rotary kiln to reach the production standard in the next step.

2.4 repair damaged parts of rotary kiln

At the same time of stabilizing the raw material composition and increasing the raw material grinding output, the damaged parts of the rotary kiln should be repaired to some extent. At this time, the feeding quantity of the rotary kiln can be slowly increased and stabilized step by step for a period of time until the designed output of the rotary kiln is reached and the clinker can be guaranteed to reach the high quality level.

2.5 above

If the damaged parts of rotary kiln are repaired, appropriate overproduction can be considered to make the company obtain higher benefits.

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