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How to control energy saving and consumption reduction of roller crusher?

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Current of roll crusher in mine and some of the broken broken homework has become a mainstream main crushing equipment, but part of the user to worry about on the production line of continuous job would cause great loss and electricity loss itself, according to incomplete statistics, the general operation of the power consumption of the broken use about 50% of the total power consumption of users.So how to reduce the power consumption of the roller crusher, how to control the energy saving and consumption reduction of the roller crusher?

1. Electrical configuration of the whole crushing operation

roller crusher

Roller crusher belongs to electrical equipment, in the process of operation, there will be a lot of loss.Because of the long time loss affects the mechanical crushing rate, the use of electrical energy is increased.So after each use are given maintenance cleaning, to ensure that the next use of the machine can be normal operation.The installation process of the equipment should also be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions. The installation dislocation not only brings higher wear degree to the equipment, but also increases the power consumption.On the basis of practice, the above methods can reduce the power consumption.

2. Control the particle size of original unbroken materials

roller crusher

Roller crusher has a specified rated limit of material distribution.How does a single feed amount affect energy consumption?Through experiments in jiangsu LVSSN, it was found that the maximum feeding amount could save electricity each time.A significant increase or decrease in the amount of feed is not the normal operation of the machine.

3. Operation of the whole production line or single equipment

roller crusher

In the operation of the roller crusher, according to the correct operation mode to obtain the maximum productivity ratio, the wrong operation not only loss of machinery to reduce the service life of the machinery, but also increased the power consumption, such as the machine operation is not detected, the material before the input of no empty machine operation observation machinery.Correct operation is also one of the methods, but also the most simple and convenient method.

The above is only part of the node measures for roller crusher, we must according to the specific situation of the production line and production environment to design the most power-saving program, if you need can leave a message with us online.


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