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How much do you know about the adjustment and operation of vertical mill limiter?

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Vertical mill is a set of drying, grinding, powder selection and conveying in one of the powder equipment, because of its small area and favored by users.However, many people complained that after the equipment was used for a period of time, it did not operate correctly, which affected the production and directly affected the economic benefits.How much do you know about the adjustment and operation of vertical mill limiter?

vertical mill

1. Operation rules of vertical mill

(1) wear good labor insurance products.

(2) maintenance of the vertical mill requires two people to go together, keep in touch with the central control at all times, and leave special personnel outside the vertical mill for safety monitoring.

(3) low pressure lighting must be used before entering the vertical mill.

(4) before entering the vertical mill, cut off the power supply of the main motor of the vertical mill, the feeding equipment of the exhaust fan and the powder separator, and drive the field control box to the "maintenance" position.

(5) when replacing the lining plate and parts of grinding roller, pay attention to prevent collision and injury, and take safety protection measures.

vertical mill

(6) when working at height, the operator should first ensure that the tools are in good order and fasten the safety belt.

(7) when the inspection of vertical mill must be carried out during the operation of the large kiln, safety precautions should be taken, close contact should be maintained with the central control, and special persons should be arranged to take charge of safety work. At the same time, the high-temperature fan at the end of the kiln should be increased to extract air, the hot windshield at the entrance of the mill should be closed and power off, and the negative pressure of the system should be ensured to be stable.

(8) confirm that the grinding body has been fully cooled, and verify the depth and temperature of ash accumulation in the vertical mill. If the grinding body is overheated, there is no exhaust air, and ash accumulation is too much, it is strictly prohibited to enter the mill. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there is material accumulation in the feeding slide, so as to avoid slipping and injuring people.

(9) complete the procedures for power failure in accordance with relevant regulations.


2. How to adjust the limit of vertical mill


The adjustment method is:

vertical mill

Make the grinding roller directly contact with the grinding disc, then turn the limit bolt to make it contact with the elastic head.At this time, lift the grinding roller with a pressure device, and turn the limit bolt in the direction of the elastic head for about two turns again (make the distance between the grinding roller and the grinding disc about 5mm). Finally, tighten the upper nut of the limit bolt under the condition of keeping the limit bolt still, to prevent the limit bolt from loosening when the vertical mill is running.The limit device should be adjusted according to the above method.After the vertical mill runs for a period of time, due to the wear of roller sleeve and lining plate, the limit device should be adjusted appropriately.


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