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How about energy saving of cement rotary kiln in China?

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Energy conservation and environmental protection is the theme of today's development, as well as the trend of industrial development.With the progress of science and technology and the improvement of people's life quality, the requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection are getting higher and higher. Enterprises begin to develop more energy conservation and environmental protection equipment.

Indispensable equipment in the manufacturing process of cement rotary kiln cement, on the market a lot of cement rotary kiln there is a high energy consumption, pollution in the process of running too big problems, brought huge economic losses to the cement plant, so a lot of cement plant is eager to find a better equipment of energy conservation and environmental protection effect, while China jiangsu LVSSN of cement rotary kiln has become an ideal choice.

The traditional cement rotary kiln manufacturing technology is backward, the structure design can not meet the requirements, so there are various problems in the practice process.Jiangsu LVSSN had optimized and improved the traditional manufacturing process and introduced a new dry cement rotary kiln process, upgrading and improving the structure of cement rotary kiln, making great breakthroughs in energy saving, consumption reduction and low-carbon environmental protection.

So how does China cement rotary kiln achieve the new breakthrough in energy conservation and environmental protection?In recent years, China has encouraged the introduction of environmental protection elements. As a mining machinery and equipment manufacturer with professional skills and large scale, jiangsu LVSSN had taken this problem into full consideration when producing cement rotary kiln, and had accumulated rich experience in the production of energy-saving and environment-friendly cement rotary kiln.

rotary kiln

1. Kiln body of cement rotary kiln

The cement rotary kiln adopts composite wear-resistant material in the manufacturing process, which enhances the wear resistance and reduces the wear rate of the equipment, not only prolongs the service life, but also greatly reduces the maintenance cost.

2. Both ends of kiln body

The two ends of the kiln adopt the scaly sealing mode, which reduces the air leakage rate, and is equipped with the dustproof device. The dust amount is less, and there will be no secondary pollution. The treatment temperature is higher during the operation, and the calcining efficiency is higher, which meets the requirements of cement factory for high yield, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

3.Lining of cement rotary kiln

The lining structure of cement rotary kiln has also made a breakthrough improvement, which makes the operation safer and the total cost has been reduced by more than 20%, which is of great significance to improve the overall profit of the factory.

The application of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment is not only related to the progress of the enterprise, but also related to the development of the whole industry. For more information about cement production line, please consult our customer service or leave a message to us, we will reply to you as soon as possible.


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