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Grate cooler how to solve these problems - has been solved

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Due to the different structure of grate coolers, there are differences in the causes of failure and elimination methods, but the following items are basically the same.

grate cooler

1. The grate bed runs out of alignment

The horizontal position of the grate bed may be damaged due to the elevation error of the supporting wheel device under the moving frame exceeding the allowable range, the bearing damage of the supporting wheel, the excessive levelness of the supporting wheel shaft, and the serious wear of the inclined guide rail and supporting wheel under the moving frame.

2, grate bed off

It is possible that the moving grate plate and the fixed grate plate rub against each other due to the subsidence or deviation of the moving frame, that the grate bed encounters water in high temperature and produces sharp changes in heat and cold, and that the connecting bolts become loose, causing mutual extrusion or friction between the grate plates.

3. The supporting axle is broken

The reason may be that the supporting wheel shaft is not leveled, the force is not uniform, the supporting wheel bearing is worn, and the supporting wheel shaft is not uniform and sinking.

4, the material on the grate bed does not work

It may be due to the upper part of the material or the grate bed joint wear, so that the hole elongated, reduced travel and other reasons.

5. The grate plate is damaged

There are many cases of grate plate damage, including bending deformation, crack, burning.This is because the upper part of the grate plate is heated by high temperature clinker and the lower part is cooled by air when the cooler is working. When the temperature fluctuates, cracks, deformation and bending of cantilever part will be caused, and the gap between the bottom surface of the grate plate and the surface of the fixed grate bed will change.Long-term work can cause grate burning.Therefore, the grate material is required to have heat resistance (t > 800℃), thermal stability and adequate wear resistance at high temperature, and should be in the temperature fluctuation deformation is small.

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