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Comprehensive utilization of production resources reduces cement production cost

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The ways of comprehensive utilization of cement production resources and energy saving and consumption reduction include the development and utilization of low-grade raw fuel, the utilization of advanced grinding technology and energy saving grinding equipment, and the new dry cement production and manufacturing technology.

1. Development and utilization of low-grade raw fuel

Low grade raw fuel generally refers to low grade, low value raw fuel, such as low calcium limestone, low calorific value coal, coal gangue, coal cinder and some rock ore and industrial waste residue.

Common low grade raw materials are: low calcium limestone, rock ore and other natural rocks;Industrial wastes such as mining and dressing tailings: coal gangue, lead and zinc tailings, copper tailings;Fly ash, boiling slag, boiler slag, etc.

Apply low grade limestone.Low grade limestone generally refers to the high silica limestone, marl limestone and argillaceous limestone of CaO less than 45% to only 30% ~ 20%.


(1) coal gangue

The coal gangue composition is very complex, as the cement raw material at present, mostly USES the washing gangue of the washing plant.First, the composition is relatively stable, and second, the granule is easy to homogenize.The main reason why coal gangue is not widely used is the fluctuation of its composition.

(2) tailings (a type of surrounding rock, metamorphic rock)

Tailings are the waste residue discharged by non-ferrous metal concentrators, whose essence is rock ore, with annual displacement of about 500 million tons.Because thin and wet, need to dam storage, cost land, pollution of the environment.The application of tailings has become an opportunity to re-understand the firing mechanism, calcining potential and control the firing process of clinker.Tailings in different parts of the composition, improve the intensity, reduce the range of coal consumption is not the same.It needs to be adapted to local conditions.

2. Advanced grinding technology and energy-saving grinding equipment are used

Every ton of cement produced by cement factory needs grinding more than 30 kinds of materials, and grinding power consumption accounts for about 65% ~ 70% of the total power consumption of cement production, grinding cost accounts for about 35% of the total production cost, grinding system maintenance amount accounts for 60% of the total equipment maintenance amount of the factory.Therefore, grinding has a great effect on the benefit of cement production enterprises.The energy consumption of grinding process is mainly reflected in the raw material preparation, coal preparation and cement grinding. The electricity consumption accounts for 72% of the comprehensive electricity consumption of cement production (the electricity consumption of raw material grinding accounts for 24% of the comprehensive electricity consumption of cement, and the electricity consumption of cement grinding accounts for 38% of the comprehensive electricity consumption of cement).Therefore, it is very important to choose energy-saving grinding equipment and process flow.

roller press

2.1grinding technology and equipment of raw material roller press

Performance index of roller press raw material final grinding system: raw material finished products produced by roller press raw material final grinding system: raw material finished products: R0.08mm≤14%,R0.2mm≤2.5%;Shape of finished grain: needle shape, flake shape, easy to sintering;Workshop power consumption: about 11kWh/t.

The use of "V type separator +XR separator + cyclone dust collector + circulating fan" powder selection system, not only solve the drying problem of raw material, improve the powder selection efficiency, but also ensure the fineness of raw material requirements.

In the case of proper selection of raw material final grinding system of roller press, its principle determines that it is more energy saving than raw material vertical grinding.However, the following problems should be paid attention to when selecting roller press for raw material grinding system.

The working pressure of roller press is high,) the pulling Angle of roller press is much smaller than that of vertical grinding, the grinding system of raw material directly affects the operation rate of cement kiln, the working pressure of roller press is higher than that of vertical grinding.


2.2Improvement measures of cement grinding technology

(1) select the grinding body and its gradation correctly

(2) strengthen the application and supporting measures of pre-crushing technology

(3) strictly control the moisture content of grinding materials

(4) strengthening mill ventilation is the main way to improve mill productivity


3. To summarize

In addition to the technologies mentioned above, there are other technologies worth studying, such as clinker cooling technology, two-support short kiln technology, energy saving technology of preheater and waste heat power generation.Jiangsu LVSSN can provide high quality and efficient cement plant construction, please consult our customer service or leave a message to us, we will reply to you as soon as possible.


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