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Cement kiln is not a universal waste disposal plant!

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Compared with traditional methods of landfill and incineration, cement kilns have obvious advantages in the collaborative disposal of waste. The state also supports cement kilns in many aspects, such as policies and funds. However, due to the late start and the careless construction of technical, operational and regulatory systems, the development process is also faced with numerous obstacles.

1. Cement kiln collaborative waste disposal has obvious advantages

Collaborative waste disposal of cement kiln refers to the process of putting the waste which meets the requirements of kiln pretreatment into cement kiln to realize harmless disposal of hazardous waste while producing cement clinker.

"Cement kiln collaborative disposal of waste, can eliminate hazardous waste and pollution of urban living garbage, to achieve its harmlessness, reduction and recycling, and will release heat energy utilization in cement manufacturing process, cement kiln temperature as high as 1600 ℃, heat capacity and thermal inertia is big, the retention period of waste materials at high temperature for up to 5 ~ 15 seconds, harmful ingredients can be completely decomposed, ensure a safe environment."

cement kiln

2.Cement kilns are not a universal waste disposal plant

The influence of feed on cement kiln should be taken into account in the collaborative disposal of cement kiln. Chlorine, fluorine and sulfur are easy to affect the quality of cement, and easy to accumulate in the circulation of cement kiln, increasing the possibility of crust blockage in the preheating system.There are a large number of volatile chlorine, fluorine, sulfur and other substances in domestic garbage and hazardous waste.According to the technical specification for environmental protection of cement kiln co-disposal of solid waste issued by the former ministry of environmental protection, fluorine, chlorine, sulfur and alkali need to meet the requirements of cement kilns.

"There is a big difference between collaborative disposal of hazardous waste and disposal of municipal solid waste."This is by the sort of hazardous waste or categories, as well as the five major hazards of hazardous waste (corrosive, biological toxicity, flammability, reactivity, infectious), in terms of using cement kiln collaborative disposal of hazardous waste, cement kiln is not all. Can the disposal tools, must be controlled to some extent, especially the category of the acceptance of dangerous waste and disposal of mass must be strictly controlled.Great attention must be paid to the security (subject: person, environment, equipment) risks that may be potential in the disposal process (temporal: instantaneous, short-term, medium and short-term, long-term problems). Some problems still need to be studied.

For example, the influence of various trace or excessive elements and recompositions contained in hazardous wastes on the long-term safety performance of cement products;Safety problems caused by corrosion and damage to cement production system equipment;It is still to be studied, evaluated and demonstrated that regenerated poisons and unknown pollutants may affect the surrounding environment in the process of disposal.

The collaborative disposal of various wastes by cement kilns not only depends on its environmental effects, but also on whether the cement quality and production environment in the production process meet the standards, and whether the discharge of harmful objects meet the standards.Therefore, we need to closely control heavy metals and other indicators, conduct a lot of dioxin monitoring of the surrounding environment, and conduct a lot of pre-kiln and post-kiln monitoring of soil and water sources. This process requires a lot of costs.

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