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Cement enterprise quality management

Date:2019-06-24 14:37 Source:未知Views:

Cement as the main construction material commonly used in daily life, how to ensure the quality of cement factory to improve the construction safety of the project, has become the focus and difficulty of the present cement enterprises.At present, China's cement production more for assembly-line process production process, every procedure of the production quality of the final finished cement quality have influence, therefore, how to ensure quality of cement enterprise factory cement, make its meet enterprise and construction requirements of users, in the process of practical production, the management of enterprises should improve the quality of each production process to take measures to improve the overall quality of the cement factory, and in promoting the enterprise rapid development at the same time, provides the quality of the construction of the project is the guarantee of safety.

Enterprise managers should improve the quality of cement factory management emphasis, part of the enterprise in the process of production, despise the emphasis on cement quality management level, make the production of cement with other enterprises in terms of quality, there is an obvious gap between not only do not conform to the requirements of the national production standards, more can't meet the needs of enterprises and users, although to a certain level to reduce the production cost, but the stability of the steady development of the enterprise and brand image have influence.Therefore, in the process of cement production, managers, as the core layer of the enterprise, should improve the level of attention to the quality management of ex-factory cement. By strengthening quality control and quality management, ensure that the quality of ex-factory cement meets the quality indicators of internal control of the enterprise, and improve the economic and social benefits of the enterprise.
Enterprises should strengthen the cultivation factory cement quality management personnel's basic qualities, on the one hand, to cultivate quality management personnel's responsibility to make it to the cement quality management as a career to struggle, on the other hand also to develop a strong professional quality in the process of management, management for enterprise of cement production process and quality control are very familiar with.

Perfect factory management confirmation process of cement, cement factory, as well as security for its quality conforms to the enterprise and the needs of users, but also to ensure the success rate will reach one hundred percent rich strength, therefore in the process of actual production and management, improve the management of the cement factory confirmation process, also is one of the important measures of safety production cement quality.

In recent years, with the acceleration of China's urbanization process, cement, as the main raw material of construction, has been widely concerned by the society and people.

Therefore, in order to guarantee the quality of cement, all cement enterprises have increased their emphasis on the quality management of cement products, reducing the production cost of enterprises and providing guarantee for the quality of buildings.


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