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Cause Analysis and treatment method of Oil leakage at output end of Roller Reducer

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The press is also known as an extrusion mill, a roller press mill, since the first roll press in the world in 1985 has been put into the industrial test, it has been proved by many years of use that it is a new type of cement energy-saving grinding equipment, which has the advantages of high substitute energy consumption and low efficiency, and is suitable for the construction of a new factory and can be used for the technical transformation of the old factory, so that the yield of the ball mill system is improved by 30 to 50 percent, the 0.08 mm fine material in the crushed material cake accounts for 20 to 35 percent, less than 2 millimeters accounts for 65 to 85 percent, the inner structure of the small particles is filled with a plurality of small cracks due to the extrusion, The grindability has been greatly improved.

A company has a 4500t/ d cement clinker production line, which is equipped with the combined grinding system of the roller press HFC160/140 + V-type powder-selecting machine + 44.8 m-9.5 m mill; the roller press is matched with the JGXP1120 speed reducer manufactured by the Chongqing Gearbox Co., Ltd.

On August 1, 2009, the cement mill system was put into operation, and the roller mill system was stable and reliable (in the past two years, the reliability of cement mill was as high as 99.50% and the number of stops was less than 10 times, so the reliability of roller press was very high). However, the problem of oil leakage at the output end of roller reducer has been perplexing us, resulting in abnormal consumption of lubricating oil and, in serious cases, affecting the normal operation of the equipment. The most important thing is to cause on-site environmental pollution (lubricating oil leakage is a dangerous waste, is a serious environmental protection problem). After continuous exploration and improvement and combination with professional manufacturers, the professional and technical personnel of the company have carried out many revamping of the seal, and finally obtained And the better effect is achieved.

1. Analysis of the cause of oil leakage at the output end of the speed reducer


The main results are as follows:

(1) Oil leakage caused by disc wear and return to oil station after wear is easy to cause filter blockage.

(2) the outer skeleton oil seal (Φ 6000 × 630 × 25mm, polytetrafluoroethylene) is worn, and the wear depth of the oil seal is about 5mm, and the poor sealing effect leads to oil leakage.

This kind of contact seal generally requires high precision of the matching dimension of the equipment, otherwise, it will cause different degrees of oil leakage in operation. With the increase of the fit gap, the oil leakage is more serious, which can not guarantee that the equipment is in a stable state for a long time. The bigger drawback is that the long-term operation has a certain wear on the matching shaft position and forms a small groove with different depths. Even if the new seal is replaced, the leakage can not be completely solved. Especially, the reducer on the side of the movable roll vibrates greatly, and the follow-up of the sealing lip is not very good, so it is more easy to produce oil leakage.

Treatment method of oil leakage at output end of reducer

(1) replace the skeleton oil seal. Due to the serious wear and tear of the oil seal matching shaft, the whole oil seal has been replaced (the imported oil seal is as high as 18000 yuan, the domestic oil seal is about 5000 yuan, and there are less than 500 yuan). The imported oil seal and domestic oil seal have been used, which can not completely solve the oil leakage, and the service life is short.

It is also adopted to add a transition end cover to the oil seal end cover, which is used to add another skeleton oil seal, that is, 2 skeleton oil seals to seal, one oil seal to stagger the original wear part of the shaft, but the use time is less than half a year, and each time the oil seal needs to be disassembled and installed and the reducer needs to be shut down for 2 days. In order to save maintenance time, we have also used the split oil seal of brand products, which is easy to disassemble and replace, soften the material, although there is a certain compensation, but also has not completely determined the problem of oil leakage.

(2) on-line repair of oil seal wear. The diameter of the hollow shaft oil seal shaft of roller press is Φ 630mm, the wear depth is 5mm, and the width is about 20mm. According to the wear situation and position, the wear part is repaired by cold welding repair method in contact with the maintenance unit (the new maintenance technology of the company is cold welding repair, coating polymer material and so on). A company adopts polymer material in the company and borrows the mould. Coating repair of bearing wear of high temperature wind turbine has been in use for more than 2 years, and the operation effect is good.

After shutdown, the company removes the reducer and completely exposes the damaged part (convenient for the construction of the maintenance unit). After the demolition, the technical personnel measure the deviation and area of the damaged part and so on to the maintenance unit (convenient for the preparation of repair materials); The maintenance personnel are present to combine the good plan with the technical personnel of the company, after having the construction condition, the technical personnel of both sides use the measuring tool to verify, determine the relevant data, grind, deoiling, rust, ensure the surface of the equipment dry, clean and rough; must ensure the cleanliness of the surrounding environment, lest the sundries participate in the repair material to affect the quality, after covering the material, carry on the data verification and acceptance, make it reach Meet the requirements for use. Although the on-line repair of oil seal makes up for the grooves formed by wear, it is limited by field conditions and can not meet the requirements of high precision after repair. Although the service effect is good, oil leakage will occur in the service life of about half a year.

(3) the double-seal and oil return device is modified. According to the actual operating conditions and requirements of the site, the dual-seal and oil return device is selected to achieve a good sealing effect with the technical personnel of the new factory in Hubei.

The tetrafluorine sheet can play the role of isolation, so that most of the oil from the return tank back to the tank; a small amount of oil from the tetrafluorine sheet through, the front sealing ring (split oil seal) is responsible for sealing the oil, do not let it overflow; the collecting tank will be the first oil seal seeping out of the oil collection, from the external oil return pipeline back to the box; if there is a small amount of oil seepage, the second seal (split oil seal) can completely seal the oil in the sealing cavity.

Flange and oil seal are divided, easy to install, subsequent maintenance does not need to disassemble and install reducer; In this paper, the original seal and flange are removed by roller press maintenance, the original seal and flange are removed, the oil pollution in the installation part is cleaned, and then the DSF- E split oil seal is sheathed on the shaft, which is bonded and divided into two ends to form a whole circle, and the sealant is evenly smeared on the inner end face of the split flange (because the flange is split, it is necessary to use high quality sealant to avoid the leakage of oil at the flange joint and joint). Then the flange is wrapped in the outer circle of the oil seal, locked into a whole circle with the connection bolt, the flange and the oil seal are pushed together to fit with the end face of the equipment, and the screw is used. The bolt is fixed and the connecting tubing is connected to the petrol station or box to make it play the role of oil return. Non-contact design to ensure that there is no wear to the equipment, and the product itself is not worn, multi-channel comb labyrinth seal structure, to ensure that the seal does not leak, completely beyond the traditional sealing performance.


Through the continuous exploration and transformation of the sealing scheme and technology of the output end of the roller press reducer, the double-seal and oil return device technology is finally implemented, and the single investment of each reducer is less than 30,000 yuan. After the transformation, the sealing performance is good, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the maintenance workers, the difficulty of post sanitary cleaning and the consumption of lubricating oil, improves the reliability of the equipment, reduces the maintenance cost. The most important thing is to solve the problem of long-term oil leakage and the overall environment on site.


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