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Awesome! The new cement production line will take the “Belt and Road” to the Pakistani market!

Date:2019-06-26 14:44 Source:未知Views:

The smooth implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” concept and policies has brought new vitality to the sandstone, building materials, mineral processing and other markets, adding more market flexibility.

First, the composition of new cement production line equipment

The new cement production line is a new generation cement production line that has been upgraded and upgraded. From equipment configuration to process design to on-site layout, it has undergone rigorous and scientific design, which is more common than ordinary cement production line operations, production, environmental protection and other aspects. Got a big boost. The production line is usually composed of jaw crusher, ball mill, cement mill, cement rotary kiln, cyclone preheater, grate cooler, dryer and other equipment. The general process includes: pre-homogenization → raw material homogenization → Firing → preheating decomposition (material dispersion, gas-solid separation, pre-decomposition) → cement grinding → cement packaging and other stages.

Second, the new cement production line has outstanding advantages

1. Small investment and reasonable economics: The design of the new cement production line is more reasonable and the layout is compact, reducing investment, reducing costs, and making use of the project more quickly;

2, stable operation, higher production: equipment selection science, stable operation, more efficient, less failure during the work process, low maintenance costs, production increase of at least 2-3 times;

3, energy saving, lower carbon: compared with the general cement production line, its power consumption rate is reduced by 35% -40%, saving energy, reducing electricity costs, coal costs, etc. 8-10 million;

4. Reduced pollution and more environmental protection: In the production and preparation of cement, dust, sewage, sludge, smoke, noise and other pollution are successively reduced, and production is more environmentally friendly;

5, the technology is mature, easy to operate: the use of automated design concepts, the operation of the production process, labor and other costs are reduced, easier to operate, and reduce investment by 15%.

Third, the application of new cement production line in the Pakistan market

A cement factory in Pakistan purchased a complete set of new cement production line equipment from Jiangsu LVSSN .Jiangsu LVSSN manufacturer technical engineer went to the site to be responsible for site layout, production line installation, commissioning, operation, etc., and ensured that the production line was efficient and stable before leaving. . At present, the production line has been successfully used for 2 years. The working condition has been stable and efficient, green and environmentally friendly, and it saves energy and increases production. It has created a huge economic profit for the cement plant, which makes customers especially satisfied!
Really awesome! The new cement production line has taken the “Belt and Road” to the Pakistani market and won high praise and satisfaction from customers. Welcome friends who are interested to know about it online at any time!


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