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Advantages and structural features of the fourth generation grate cooler

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Cement grate cooler is in the process of the cement production is one of the most important energy recovery equipment, in addition to the clinker cooling functions, from the clinker heat recycling, respectively, in the form of secondary air for innovation calcining kiln calciner, in the form of three times the wind for precalcining, used for power generation by waste heat, most of the production line also provide for coal mill drying heat source.The advantage and structure characteristic of the fourth generation grate cooler of the latest model, improving the heat recovery efficiency is one of the key contents.

grate cooler

1. Structural characteristics of the fourth generation grate cooler


(1) the first four generations of grate coolers

The first fourth-generation grate cooler is characterized by fully fixed grate bed, which basically avoids leakage of materials and air leakage.The special triangular section pusher system is adopted to push the clinker movement, which not only realizes the independence of the conveying and cooling functions of the clinker, but also makes the area where the fine particles are concentrated not easy to affect the cooling effect due to agglomeration due to the agitation of the pushing rod, which is conducive to the full cooling of the clinker.The modular design is easy to install and maintain.And each grate plate is equipped with automatic balance flow valve is also ingenious design.

(2) the fourth generation of grate coolers at the present stage

The fully fixed tilted grate bed, modular design, automatic air regulating valve and other new technologies are adopted. However, SCD sweeping and pendulum type propulsion device is adopted to push the clinker forward, which not only pushes the clinker forward, but also damages the agglomeration easily generated in the fine material concentration area in the high temperature section, so as to better guarantee the cooling effect.Both TCS and WHEC stepping grate coolers are based on Fuji Morgan grate coolers, with only a few details and some differences.The movable floor type grate bed structure, modular design and air balance regulating valve are also adopted.

grate cooler

2. Advantages of the fourth generation grate cooler

The grate plate on the grate bed of the fourth-generation grate cooler is fixed, and the clinker is pushed forward by the push rod.The fan is used to send air to the grate plate equipped with automatic regulating valve, and then it penetrates the clinker layer to cool and further cool the clinker. The cooling wind in the high-temperature section is used as the secondary and tertiary air to enter the kiln and decomposition furnace.The automatic regulating valve under the grate adjusts the air volume to overcome the uneven thickness of the material layer on the grate bed.

The biggest advantage of the fourth-generation push-rod grate cooler is that it can ensure that the secondary and tertiary air flow into the kiln and decomposition furnace can be greatly increased, so that the firing system can guarantee higher output.

Familiar with the structure and working principle of grate cooler is helpful to determine reasonable operating parameters and control mode.Knowing the "0" pressure zone is helpful for us to reasonably analyze and determine the air distribution volume of grate cooler.Predictable adjustment of grate speed is an important means to stabilize the operation of grate cooler.


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